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My butt is not real: Nigerian lady who has been deceiving fiance cries out a few days to their wedding

A Nigerian lady has cried out to the world to help her with what to do after she shared that she has been having sleepless nights because of the lies she has fed her man who she’s going to marry in a few days.

In a private Facebook group, Igbo rant HQ, Wisdom Mgbeahuruike shared the woman’s distress.

According to reports, the unidentified woman lied to her husband-to-be that she has never been sexually intimate with a guy and he would be her first.

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She also made the guy believe that she’s naturally endowed when she wears a fake body to create her curviness.

Lady depressed as she shared that her butt is not real bt her fiance believes otherwise

It is now a few days to her marriage and the mother of one is confused about what to do and how to tell her man that she’s not who he thinks she is.

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I did butt enlargement worth over N6m because of man – Nigerian lady confesses

Meanwhile, a big Nigerian big girl came clean on how and why she did her Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) without any shame.

In a chat with a content creator, Mc Mbakara, Shelly shared that she did butt enlargement because she wanted to feel more confident in her skin and for clothes to have more fitting on her.

She added that there is no side effect whatsoever on her Butt enlargement, and she shared that she spent over 6 million naira to acquire her increase in backside.

Adedoyin Adebisi
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