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Nigerian man builds surprisingly beautiful mud house with N1.3m

A Nigerian man has displayed a surprisingly beautiful mud house he built with 1.3 million Naira.

The foundation stage of the house was shown in a Tiktok video posted by a building expert known as Lawrance, on October 18, 2022.

mud house

The house which is now completed, shocked a lot of social media users who saw its process from the foundation to completion through photos posted online.


According to Battabox reports, the video has since the early hours of today, recorded over 720k views on TikTok with over 11k likes.

Normally, in Nigeria, houses made of mud are considered abeyant. However, the building expert has changed the narrative by using mud and sticks.

Unlike the conventional mud houses, the house was also plastered with cement, making it difficult to notice that it was made of mud.

Some interested social media users who have seen the house and wish to own such enquired about its cost and Lawrance disclosed that it costs about N1.3 million (Ksh386,000).

He noted that he didn’t use bricks since mud costs less.

See netizens’ comments and questions below…

@Annet Sigowo: “A total of how much? My small brother want to build.”

@vio_vk2: “But why are you not using bricks?”

@El-shaddai: “I need one in Ghana.”

@estermiruni: “How much did you spend please.”

@bmw: “I think I need this.”

@user1268788940873: “This is so good.”

@patrickakoyo reacted: “Good job. I like it.”

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