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Night of Miracle: Nigerian man prays for $100m, receives answers instantly

A Nigerian man attending an evening mircale program fervently prayed to God for a whopping $100 million, and the video went viral.

He genuinely prayed for a huge amount of money and did not anticipate the outpouring of support that followed.

After hours of trending on social media, the man was invited to the podium and received support from many people. Although the exact amount was not disclosed, his facial expressions while receiving donations showed that it meant a lot.

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Many social media users who watched the video suggested that his prayer had been answered, and he finally got the money he desired. The video has also garnered significant attention on TikTok, with over 300k views and hundreds of comments.


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Woman stranded after borrowing 54k to pay for financial miracle prayers

Meanwhile, Evarline Okello from Kibera entered serious debt after borrowing money for sowing seed for a financial breakthrough to a Nairobi pastor. 

The woman who referred her to the man of God assured her that his powerful prayers would cause her finances to stabilize in a matter of weeks.

She stated that when she heard that a pastor would pray for her to have a financial breakthrough, she had trouble supporting her family.