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6 Places You Shouldn’t Touch A Woman During Sex

Do you know that there are some places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex?

Some of you are self-acclaimed professionals when it comes to matters of the sheets. Odogwus. Coitus Masters. Tamers of the Beast of Two Backs. Makanaki, of the Housee of Nackademus.

However, despite all of your alleged expertise, you know yourself that there are certain places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex, because this kills the vibe faster than the average two-minute man. Hence, this post is not for you.

This post is for those innocent ones who are about to start their fornication journey. And as I have never been the kind of person to stand between a man and what he really wants, here I am to give you just the tip. My bad, the correct tips.


Places You Shouldn’t Touch A Woman During Sex

Her Hair

Yes, we’re starting off with this one. And lemme guess, you’re surprised, aren’t you? I mean, all the ladies in your “tutorial” videos seem to enjoy it, so you’ve assumed that it must be something that all women love.

Hence, when the action starts and she gets on her hands and knees, you proceed to think of her as an organic Tiger generator and start pulling like this.

places you shouldn't touch a woman during sex

Calm down, Johnny Sins.

Remember that those women are being paid to perform, and the hair-pulling is probably part of the script for that scene. In fact, take a moment to think about it; how enjoyable is it for you when someone pulls on your hair the way you see them pulling in those videos? Painful, huh?

Hair pulling is one of the places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex. Yes, you can stroke it and play with it, but no lady enjoys her hair being pulled or entangled during sex when she has gone through hours (and wasted thousands!) in the salon on them.

Her Cervix

The cervix is another one of the places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex. If you reach her cervix during sex, recognize that something is wrong.

Remember, this is the narrow canal that connects the vagina to the uterus — where babies grow. It isn’t a place you want to go; so, don’t knock on the door.

For starters, it is painful for her to have something rammed against her cervix, and it could be a sign that you need to shift to a position with shallower penetration. However, it could also mean that she isn’t warmed up enough. Her uterus will actually “lift” upwards when she’s sexually aroused, making her vaginal cavity a few inches deeper than when she isn’t turned on.

So, don’t skimp on foreplay, and don’t service her cervix.

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Yes, this might come as another surprising one of the places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex, especially since they’re always complaining about how hard it is for men to find it in the first place. The clitoris is a super-sensitive zone and has a lot of nerve endings.

However, stimulating the head of the clitoris vigorously can turn out to be an intense and painful experience for her. Imagine gulping a cup of piping hot coffee immediately followed by an ice-cold beverage. The feeling is not pleasant, right?

Instead, try rubbing around in circles or simply at the shaft of the clitoris, which will engage the nerve endings without overstimulating her. We won’t tell you to never touch her there, but it’s worth checking in with your partner to see if she has a sensitive C-spot.

Stay away from her nipples if she’s breastfeeding or going to menstruate. It hurts beyond your imagination.

Her anus

Please tell me what you’re looking for back there. Did you lose your way? Need a torch?

The anus is one of the places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex unless you’re fully lubricated! Anal play can take plenty of warming up, but even when she’s totally aroused and ready to get it on, nothing should go in there without a generous helping of lubricant. The anal opening is small enough that even a finger can feel uncomfortable.

A study from the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women rate their sexual satisfaction much higher when lubrication is involved. Now that’s a book I’ll definitely enjoy reading.

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Don’t touch her feet, especially if she’s wearing socks! Wondering why? According to a study from Johns Hopkins University, wearing socks in the sack can increase the chances of having an orgasm. This logic applies to men as well.

Another reason is that women need to be completely relaxed to climax, and cold feet can be an uncomfortable distraction. It is one of the places you shouldn’t touch a woman during sex.

Wrapping Up Places You Shouldn’t Touch A Woman During Sex

Just because she has agreed to have sex with you doesn’t mean you can now run your fingers all over her body indiscriminately. Remember that the body is the Temple of the Lord.

places you shouldn't touch a woman during sex

Also remember that, on the Day of Judgement, you will explain to the Lord why you put His Temple in collapsed doggy.

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