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Reno Omokri advises Federal Government: Ban the importation and sale of human hair and bleaching creams

Reno Omokri, a Nigerian author, activist, and social media influencer on Workers’ Day to advised the government on better management of resources.

In his Twitter post which he titled “A Bitter Pill To Cure Nigeria’s Chronic Inferiority Complex,” he brought to light the nonnecessity of human hair in the nation.

In his own words, he said, “But why do we deplete our foreign reserves to import human hair into Nigeria? That is crazy! God gave our women hair. Why do they need to buy hair from India and other places?”

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Nigeria imports multi-millions of dollars worth of human hair annually

Reno pointed out that the use of human hair, toning creams, and bleaching creams was rooted in self-hate and a disregard for natural African beauty. He also highlighted the disadvantages and how the creams put the health of the users at risk.

He further advised that the National Broadcasting Commission and the National Orientation Agency should “introduce edicts that make it compulsory for Nigerian TV anchors to have natural hair and complexion and speak in Nigerian accents.” He also said the rules should apply to Nollywood too.

He concluded his long write-up by saying, “People imitate what they see on television. If Nigerian men and women start seeing ebony black, nappy-haired people on TV and Nollywood, we will begin to love ourselves as Black nappy-haired people.

And when we love ourselves, we will find that others start loving us and even go further to pay us the most sincere form of flattery-imitation.”

As expected, netizens flocked to the comments with a wide spectrum of expressions. See some of their reactions:

@vibegirlcrystal: “You no even dey Nigeria”

@Bluepills173: “Well done sir, we Nigerians need to love ourselves more”

@ChimexOd: “Says a man who is living in a foreign land and married to a foreigner.”

@bettyirabor: “Come to think of it, the importation of human hair is the major cause of Nigeria’s socio-economic and political problems. It affects agriculture, electricity generation and urbanization of our population…with these few points of mine…..”

@juliet.u.a: “I do agree that Africa as a whole suffers from a terrible inferiority complex no doubt. We judge our standards against standards set by Europeans, it’s a side effect of colonialism but pls sir- human hair importation is not the reason electricity isn’t constant. Let’s be clear on these things.”

@fertility_matterz: “Nigerian government should place a ban on “importation “of foreign women in the name of wife! They should start this ban immediately on Reno! T for thanks”


@brittlove223: “Human hair lovers gather here. This man doesn’t know that women also suffer from hair loss and oh much of the hair loss treatments are made for men and no research has been done for women. Minoxidil for men, fenastride for men, dutasteride for men. Only now that they are making 2%minoxidil for women.”

@B4R_C0D3: “Your thoughts and comments are always realistic”

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Daughters of Jesus don’t dress to kill

In other news, Pastor Sam, a well-known preacher advised Christian women to always dress modestly and with respect.

While discussing his thoughts on people “dressing to kill,” the man of God offered the advice in a post on his Twitter account.

He asserted that no daughter of Jesus should dress to kill since she is not the devil, who only exists to steal, kill, and destroy.