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Tech Bros In Nigeria: 9 Sure Ways To Identify Them

Tech bros are taking over the world, and with good reason. The technology industry is one of the highest-earning and paying industries globally. In fact, Oxford Economics says that the digital economy is worth $11.5 trillion globally.

It is, therefore, not surprising that people who transition into the tech space, known as tech bros, enjoy an income and lifestyle upgrade, particularly those who work in mid-level or senior positions.

Even individuals at entry level earn a decent income that will make them automatically become known as “Boss!” by their peers.

In fact, the appeal of tech bros goes beyond the respect that their fellow guys have for them, and even extends into the dating pool. They get all the girls, seemingly without even trying, because the tech bro status is equivalent to that of the alpha male, intellectually speaking.

And if his name now happens to be Femi or Ayo, it is finished! The girl is in trouble.

Now, we won’t be boring each other with definitions and terminologies, because the name tech bro practically speaks for itself. We are here to explain how to become one. Let us get right into it.


How To Become A Tech Bro In Nigeria

Learn to code

One of the easiest ways to get a job in the tech industry is by learning to code. Tech companies, both at home and overseas, are always looking for UI/UX designers; this is how most tech bros get their first start.

Join a boot camp, or take a course. Intentionality is key. And within six months to a year, you should be good enough to start applying for jobs.

Conduct detailed research on your area of interest in tech

Being a tech bro doesn’t necessarily mean you are a software engineer or UI/UX developer. There are several areas that are tangent to it, including Human Resource Management, Marketing, Communications, etc. As long as you work in the space in any capacity, you are an honorary member.

So, while learning to code might be the fastest way to become a tech bro, it is hardly the only option available, especially if you have no interest in learning to code. Carry out research on available skills.

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Learn a tech skill related to your current industry or hobby

This goes concurrently with the above step and is for those who are already in one profession and just desire to add the tech bro status to their repertoire.

Are you a content creator? You can learn digital marketing or integrated marketing. Are you a photographer? You can learn brand design or photo manipulation. A secretary? Human resources and brand management are there for you. Even hype men can become influencers. The possibilities are endless.

Get certified by taking relevant tech courses and acquiring certificates

Just like nobody can just acquire the title of Ph.D., you can’t be a tech bro in name alone. You must have the certificate to back it up. Then you can strut around with something like this…

You can boost this by reading books or watching movies that align with your interests in the tech industry.

Join physical and online tech communities for learning and networking purposes

No man is an island, they said. In Naijanomics, this means that he who knows no one is no one.

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Calling it by its government name Nepotism can make it sound like a bad thing, but it is the simple truth. Your skills are only as good as the people willing to give you a chance, and how many people are willing to bet on someone whose expertise they are unsure of? Everyone is an expert, after all.

Go ask LinkedIn.

Ergo, networking is very important. It exposes you to those who have walked the path that you are now on, and they can show you the dos and don’ts of the tech world. Who knows? You might even find an OG tech bro to be your mentor.

Apply for and grab internship opportunities

Another benefit of the above step. Because if you think that internship opportunities will come and meet you where you are like this…

… then you are sorely mistaken.

Offer freelancing services

Some of us are lowkey gluttons. We want to go straight from the classroom to earning millions without any traffic. Relax… nobody is judging here. I said “Some of us”, remember? Everybody likes good things, and it’s okay to dream.

But it is important that, while dreaming, we don’t lose touch with reality. And the reality is, jobs aren’t just waiting on the street for you to come pick them up after you’ve acquired the knowledge, except maybe if your soap is very powerful. Refer back to my earlier point of the limited number of people that will eagerly give an untested person a chance.

Freelance work is a good way to develop yourself as a tech bro and build up your resume. It will also keep you busy by building projects while waiting for your dream job.

You can also showcase your finished projects on your social media pages to attract potential employers and/or clients.

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Tech Bro Starter Pack

Now that you have successfully joined the ranks of tech bros, it is time to show the world your new status. Incognito? No can do.

Here are the things you can use to identify, or identify as, a tech bro. Call it their uniform or starter pack if you like. Potato potahto.


Every tech bro has at least 3 different shades of turtlenecks. Since they are not corporate wear-compliant, many of them replace the shirt and tie with a turtleneck. It’s part of their uniform.

tech bro clothes - how to identify a tech bro

And, more often than not, they will always pair it with skinny pants and Chelsea boots.

Laptop bags

Tech bros cannot do without their laptop bags whenever they go out. Theirs is a mobile profession, and you never know when a client can reach out to them.

tech bro bag - how to identify a tech bro

What you will find in their bags include laptops, hard drives, software discs, power banks for their phones, phone and laptop chargers, Internet modems, five loaves of bread and two fish, and half of Ghana.

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Accompanying the overburdened laptop bag is often a headphone that’s usually too large for their heads.

Apple accessories

It is almost as if becoming a tech bro comes with the compulsion to become an Apple ambassador. Hardly will you meet a tech bro without seeing him holding an iPhone, working with a MacBook and an Apple Smart Watch strapped to his wrist.

And yes, some of them try to resist this compulsion, but in the end, it always wins. I speak from experience. Oh, am I a tech bro? Well…

Afro/dreadlocks/dyed hair and piercings

tech bro hairstyle - how to identify a tech bro

Nothing says tech bro like having a head of unexplainable hair. As most of them are going through pre-midlife crises, they suddenly get the bright idea that a non-conventional hairstyle is what has been missing from their lives.

If only their hairlines received the memo.

Unfortunately, they pair this up by drilling their ears (and probably other body parts) full of holes. The average tech bro either has piercings or hasn’t made enough money to get one and plans on doing so as soon as possible.

Drives a nice car

Due to the relatively good salaries that they earn, tech bros are able to buy a car within one or two years after they start proper work. However, they do not go for high-priced luxury cars; instead, they decide to use budget cars like Toyotas and Hondas.

Why? Well, that’s what we’re touching on next.

Police wahala

You are not a proper tech bro if you haven’t been stopped by the police to explain the source of your wealth.

how to identify a tech bro

It is almost like a personal affront to them that you have made it at such a young age while they are still toiling at checkpoints at their age. Unfortunately, you cannot bully them, which means your best option is to make friends with them by giving them occasional raba or risk their wahala all the time.

Lives in Gbagada/Yaba/Surulere

Lagos’ very own Silicon Valley. Nuff said.

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Preaching on Twitter

Tech bros always have something to say about everything, so it’s not strange to find a tech bro spinning long Twitter threads about god-knows-what. From the mundane to the sublime, tech bros always give their two cents on anything and everything.

In Conclusion

The tech industry has solidified itself as one of the fastest-growing industries in recent times, with tech bros as its mascot. They are emblematic of the modern social media scrolling culture, making their first millions before they turn 25. Or at least that’s what they say.

This is probably why it has become one of the most exciting careers for Gen Zers. After influencers, of course.

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