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The Different Male Personality Types

In popular culture, the hierarchy of male personality types has now grown to seven.

Heard of the alpha? No, I don’t mean Scott McCall or Derek Hale, or some other werewolf. I mean that particular person that seems highly intelligent, confident, successful, and prefers to be in positions of power. That’s what I mean.

Anyway, the alpha male is only one type of male. And we have seven categories. We shall discuss each category to better understand their own tendencies. So, let’s start from the top, shall we?

7 Male Personality Types

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Zeta Males

Zeta males are independent thinkers who stay true to themselves and don’t change for society. They know who they are on a deep level and have consistent actions and an internally driven mindset in all situations.

Zeta males are not distracted by the opinions of others. They are authentic because they see no need to pretend to be something they’re not. Zeta males create their own rules and standards and live by them, even if they are outside societal norms.

Don’t tell a zeta male what to do because they want to live life on their own terms.

Zeta males have no problem having relationships with equals. Power is not a driver for them. They seek freedom and independence. And because they see all people are equal, zeta males don’t seek power in social situations. They prefer to question and disrupt social norms. They don’t ask people to change for them and they won’t change for others.

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Delta Males

No, these don’t come from the Niger Delta.

Delta males are very reserved and tend to be quiet and self-reflective. This personality type doesn’t occur naturally. There is always some experience or trauma that makes the man retreat from the world and back within himself. They’re the most likely personality type to move up, down, or out of the social hierarchy.

These are the men who primarily get the real work done in the world. Delta males take pride in their skills and competence. They don’t want to lead anyone, have no desire to please the alpha male, want respect, and are just successful enough with women to raise families and have children.

They tend to be the “average Joe” in life, and for whatever reason, just want a quiet, normal, and ordinary life. However, some delta males feel unfilled as they get older and start wanting to do something big to leave their mark on the world.

Delta males require people to prove themselves through time and actions before trusting them completely.

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Gamma Males

Gamma males have no affiliation with gamma radiation. They have adventurous and interesting personalities. They seek fulfillment in life above all other pursuits. Gamma males are the men that love going on trips, traveling to nice places, moving around a lot, and trying many different lifestyles.

They are eager to live life to the fullest by trying new things and experiencing life. They love people, have many close relationships, and seek to be loved by all.

Gamma males believe in quickly converting money into experiences and living life to the fullest every day. They are very self-aware and empathetic.

Top gamma males are usually the life of the party and have the most fun and the most friends.

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Sigma Males

Sigma males tend to be clever and cunning and play outside the system itself to get what they want in life. They are excellent with persuasion and thinking outside the box. Their biggest similarity with alpha males is that they don’t seek approval from others and don’t care what others think about them.

Sigma males don’t care about the rules and tend to be loners. They tend to have their own internal compass and play by their own rules. They can be happy even when they are alone.

Sigma males are very calculated and thoughtful with their actions and speech. They are not at the top of any social hierarchy because they have no interest in them.

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Omega Males

The omega male is self-assured and isn’t even aware of popularity contests. He might have a few close friends but his confidence is self-generated and comes from within.

Omega males tend to not have much social awareness but are great at self-care. They don’t care about external feedback or being judged by others. Omega males are self-motivated and driven from within to accomplish what they want in life. They have no need for external motivation from others.

They tend to be highly intelligent and do things for their own intrinsic value and have no need for external approval or validation from others.

Omega males focus on intelligence and learning. Some omega males fit the nerd archetype with a strong natural pull to intellectual pursuits like reading, building models, coding, and technology.

The omega male’s lack of caring about social validation or judgment from others frees him to do whatever he wants.

Top omega males tend to be successful artists, performers, and inventors.

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Beta Males

Beta males are reserved. Some can be shy and don’t like to share their opinions publicly because they don’t like negativity and conflict. Yes, these are the pussies among the bunch.

Beta males are friendly and have great social skills. People tend to like them for their laid-back approach to life. They might avoid confrontations at all costs but they make the best employees because of their integrity. Beta males can be great family men as they will do anything for their wives and children.

They value people over money or power. They have a bad reputation, not from their own actions but because others will take advantage of their kindness and generosity.

Unpopular opinion? Top beta males tend to make the best employees and have great careers.

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Alpha Males

We come to the last but certainly not the least. Alpha is the most famous (and dare I say most respected) male personality type.

The alpha males’ biggest defining characteristic is confidence in themselves and in their leadership of other people. They tend to be attractive to others, outgoing, and charismatic. Alphas like to be in charge of groups and rise naturally to positions of power.

Alpha males usually take management positions and have high-ranking military careers. They represent about 70% of all senior executives and tend to rise to the top of social hierarchies because that is where they want to be. Also, top alpha males tend to be rich CEOs.

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A Last Word From Battabox

Now that you have learned about the different male personality types, which one do you think you are? Check out the characteristics of each category and see the one that best aligns with you. Let us know your response in the comment section.

Au revoir!

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