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We are having too many divorces especially because of ladies – Mike Bamiloye

Popular Nigerian actor and cleric, Mike Bamiloye went to the social space to slam women who prepare more for the wedding day than the marriage life.

In an Instagram post, the clergyman explained that he is scared for the youths of this generation because most females do not have what it takes to be married women.

He enunciated that modern women have failed to learn what it means to be married and understand their role as wives. He said some women at the age of 28 are not ready to be a wife because they lack the qualities.

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He explained that a woman who can’t cook and depends solely on fast food, ice cream, noodles, and the like is bound to fail in her marriage because they forget to learn how to cook properly while focusing more on the wedding day.

Women prepare more for wedding day than marriage life

Mike Bamiloye added that a woman who also lacks spiritual knowledge would have a problem. He questioned how she plans to tackle spiritual problems in her marriage.

He also took a jab at motivational speakers who in the name of empowering women, encourages them to walk out of their marriage if they can’t handle it.

“I am so afraid of the Youths of this Generation. Many are very Shallow in their knowledge of Marriage. They Prepare more for the Wedding Day, than for the Marriage Life. No Deep studies on what Marriage Entails.”

“Many Ladies are not qualified to be wives even at 28. They can’t cook properly. They are used to Fast Food at the Eateries, and they spend six months studying the wedding Gowns and accessories for the Bridal Trails. And they want to marry.”

“Now, Our Young Sisters are being taught how to walk out of marriage. Many of them are rushing in and they are being taught How To Rush Out of It when things are not Working out as Expected.”

“I am against abuse to wives. A man that beat or torture is wife is an animal, unfit to live among human. There are also so many abuse going on against men in the closets.”

“However, we are now having too many Separations and Divorce among Children of God. No Endurance. No Respect. No Perseverance. No Patience. When things do not go as expected, it becomes INCOMPATIBILITY. And our youths, especially Ladies are being taught to Walk out of the Marriages. So today, many Young Marriages are not fulfilled. Every Marriage has its rough edges. But you have to Sharpen the Rough-Edges.”

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Woman explains why she got married and divorced 3 times

Meanwhile, a woman shared on Facebook why she chose divorce as a solution while taking care of her children.

In the video, the lady sat in her car and tried to fathom why some men act the way they do. She accused her estranged husbands of irresponsibility.

She explained how she chose divorce over the feeling of loneliness their irresponsibility brought her.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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