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What Does your iPhone Colour Say?

What does your iPhone colour say about you? I’m sure you chose that colour because it’s your “favourite colour”. Little do you know that your choice of iPhone colour says a lot about who you are. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy a rundown of iPhone colours, what they say about you and the psychology behind colours in general.

What does your iPhone colour say
What does your iPhone colour say

The Apple market is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. If you are not using an iPhone, what are you using?

Android? Alright, read on in expectation for when you get your iPhone.

iPhone comes in different colours. You might say that it is mainly for beauty and looks. You are partially correct. It is also to appeal to the subconscious of every consumer out there on a deeper level. Something so deep and succinct that you missed it and bought that iPhone because it’s beautiful.

Through the years, Apple has built and leveraged colour and colour psychology to bolster its product sales. It has worked impressively. How do I know that? You are holding an iPhone in your hand right now.

Well, that happens. But, take a look at the colour of your iPhone and Phone (I’m inclusive). Take a look at that colour and wonder what made you pick it. It can’t just be because of looks. Does it add something missing to your personality, or does the colour remind you of memorable events?

Whatever your answer is, we would take a drive through the iPhone Colours released over the years, particularly from iPhone 11-14. Are you still using a six? Damn, it’s time to upgrade.

Suppose your colour is not found in the listed section below. Then you should question where you bought your iPhone(haha). Let’s get into it. What does your iPhone colour say?

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What Does Your iPhone Colour Say?

Meaning of iPhone Colours
Meaning of iPhone Colours

iPhone has released different colours between iPhone 11 and 14. They even change these colours in their pros. There would be some colour similarities among these different products. As you know, only so many colours can be generated (it’s limited).

Let’s get to it.

iPhone 11 Colours


The Black iPhone is a classy model. It is a neat and trendy design. You can never go wrong with a black coloured iPhone, even if you are racist. It comes off smooth, clean and mature.


A white coloured iPhone screams rather speaks simplicity and style. You might think the white doesn’t come in that bright white, but it still holds this calm and collected feeling.


You can never go wrong with nature. Green coloured iPhone is Fresh. That’s the best way it can be described. Apart from it being the colour of the environment and representing growth, it also comes off as charming.


Elegance! Using a purple-coloured iPhone comes off rich. That’s the feeling purple colour exudes. Ask Real Madrid. The purple colour on your iPhone makes it seem expensive, more classy and rare.


The Red iPhone carefully states boldness. It comes off as strong and commanding. You can’t unsee a red-coloured iPhone. That’s how commanding it can be.


A Yellow iPhone colour stands for cheerfulness. How? “Yellow like the sun” The yellow colour can spark delight and cheer into your mind.

iPhone 11 Pro Colours

Midnight Green

Just like the green but deeper. The midnight green screams differently from the rest. It appears fresh and still maintains a bit of maturity to it. You can say that it is because of the shade of black added to it.


Silver is natural, quiet and grand. A silver-coloured iPhone comes off as polished. That is the feeling gotten from the silver colour. It is quiet but still maintains classiness.


Gold is royalty, wealth and glory. Don’t be broke, and use a gold iPhone. It just won’t resonate. Gold takes all opportunities to show itself. Unlike red, Gold is commanding and adds that seasoning to influence your mind.

Space Grey

Grey appears professional. It blends into any occasion. Space grey takes up a polished appearance and should be a more neutral choice.

iPhone Colour Symbolism
iPhone Colour Symbolism

iPhone 12 Colours

There are Black, White, Green, Red and Blue. Some have already been explained. So, I would talk about blue.


Blue stands as the most loved colour. A blue-coloured iPhone is calm, smooth, captivating and loving. Example? The blue sea. How do you feel when you look at it?

iPhone 12 Pro Colours

Here we have gold, silver, graphite, and Pacific blue. Let’s look at graphite and Pacific blue.


Graphite is a deviation from black. It would be understandable to see the colour share some similarities with black. It stands for sophistication, elegance and grace.

Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue iPhone Colour
Pacific Blue iPhone Colour

iPhone 13 Colours


Take a look outside your window around 12 midnight. Seen that? Now you know it’s a wee shy from “black-black”. The Midnight iPhone colour is sophisticated and mysterious, just as you look into the night and wonder about the things in it.


Starlight is not silver. It looks like it but looks deeper

Starlight iPhone Colour
Starlight iPhone Colour

Just like silver, starlight is quiet and polished. It blends in with any occasion and does not crave acceptance. It is formal too.


Traditionally, the pink colour tilts towards the feminine side. Maybe tradition isn’t totally wrong. A pink-coloured iPhone screams more femininity. It is aesthetically pleasing, and the eye appreciates it.

iPhone 13 Pro Colours

Sierra Blue

Sierra blue is a tint of blue. Tint is when white is added to a colour to generate another colour. Sierr blue doesn’t start from the original qualities of blue, but it adds more warmth.

Such an iPhone colour would portray you as more welcoming.

iPhone 14 Colours

All Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, and Red have been explained.

iPhone 14 Pro Colours

Space Black

The Space Black is a special edition released in the iPhone 14 Pro edition. I guess that’s why it’s Pro. It’s an enveloping and captivating colour. Be careful. You can get lost in the secrets it hides.

Deep Purple

Also, a special release. Deep Purple is a shade of purple that deepens the effect of the purple colour. The deep purple coloured iPhone represents glamour and respect.

Even after all these solid brouhaha, don’t take my word for it. Here are some of Kate Smith’s input on what your iPhone colour says about you.

Kate Smith’s Input On The Relationship Between Iphone Colours And The Owners

Who is Kate Smith and why should you believe her instead of me? Kate Smith is a renowned psychologist and colour theorist. She has offered some insights on this topic and here are some of her findings.


“Lovers of this sunny shade are drawn to its uplifting associations and mood-boosting effects”- Ms Smith.


“People drawn to this fiery tint are outgoing attention seekers who place value in their strong opinions”- Ms Smith.


“Blue is safe, it’s dependable, faultless, the tail-wagging golden retriever of colours” – Ms Smith.

For more of Kate Smith’s insight. Click Here

There you have it, the different colours of iPhones and what they represent. Is that where this ends? No!

Let’s walk through colour psychology, which would help you better understand what these colours represent and why you might have chosen them.

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Colour Psychology And Its Impact On Human Perception And Emotions.

Interpretation of iPhone Colours
Interpretation of iPhone Colours

This sounds like a joke of a topic, but it’s not. Once you tap into the psychology of colours, you can see the world in its true colour (What is a true colour?).

Colour psychology is the study of how colours can influence your feelings and choices. It can also be defined as the study of how colours affect different individuals and their actions.

Here is a really good one. Colour Psychology is the study of hues as a guide to human behaviour. Colours can tell us more than we let them. You might wonder why this is possible.

It has everything to do with the brain (psychology). Listen to this

“Light travels in waves, and each colour has a different wavelength. These different wavelengths hit our eyes in different ways and are transferred through our eyes as electrical impulses which go to our brain through the hypothalamus”.

Therefore, colour psychology would explain certain behavioural patterns in different places and incidents. Such colours as;

  • Orange makes you more hungry
  • Yellow in extreme amounts makes babies cry
  • Pink can calm violent people and
  • Blue can suppress appetite.

The study of all these and more intensifies the importance of colour psychology. The question is, how do these colours extend to our iPhone choices?

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How Will Colour Choices Extend To Personal Choices Like iPhone?

iPhone Color Psychology
iPhone Color Psychology

Here we will go through various colours and why you would have chosen them as your iPhone’s colour.


Green represents nature and serenity. It can also depict growth and plenty. Most people who associate themselves with green likes to grow in different spheres, and the colour complements them.


Purple colour represents class, excellence and creativity. It can also represent history. When someone picks purple, you know they want to go for a rich and timeless expression. Purple can also represent luxury and royalty.


Mysterious, quality, sophisticated and formal. These are different expressions that can be gotten from the colour black. The next time you pick a black iPhone, you might just be the “Niklaus” kind of guy. You love to be mysterious.


Red is a colour that has been associated with strength, love, lust, passion, desire, power, aggression etc. Red is a vibrant colour that announces itself. If you like the spotlight so much, you might find yourself picking a red-coloured iPhone.


White represents purity. It is a harmonious colour but admonishing. Yes! You would find people drawn to white things but also being careful with them. White sparks a feeling of urgency about how it is being handled.


Not the most popular colour in terms of iPhone choices, but it exists. Orange represents fairness and affordability. That doesn’t mean you got your phone at a low price. But, it can mean you are a fair person who buys what they find affordable.


Whether light or dark brown, brown is a very popular colour among mature folks. It should be Black’s cousin. Brown represents contentment and responsibility. You probably use brown if you are content with what you have and see no need to show off.


Bright, cheerful colour that shouldn’t be overused. Yellow is a cheerful colour that can help brighten even the gloomiest of days.


Although termed feminine, pink can represent power and difference. It means you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and long to be different.


The most popular colour in the world is known for its calmness. It is welcoming but won’t be admonishing like white. It can accommodate some level of rashness but is also respected.

The aforelisted should explain why you have that colour of iPhone in your hand or why you are going to choose that option on your next shopping.

Colour choices explain different personalities. Take a look at what your colour choice tells you about yourself.

How Colour Choices Reflect Personality Traits

Personalization through iPhone colours
Personalization through iPhone colours

Colours can say much about personality, but its result should be generalised. The main reason for this is Colour Association. Many people associate colours with different timelines in their lives, which can affect their thoughts and personality.

What do colours tell you about yourself?


You are bold, confident and adventurous if your favourite colour is red. You are a Leader in your group because you are action-oriented. You are also alluring and vibrant with a hint o danger.


People with pink as their favourite colour are approachable, kind and sympathetic. They are also nurturing, loving and fun to be around. They can be mistaken for vulnerable too.


Energetic, spontaneous and social. Orange is a social butterfly and loves to be the centre of attraction. They shouldn’t be mistaken for narcissistic, though.


People with black as their favourite colour are practical, realistic and crave control. Their independence is their priority. They don’t like working in teams and are equally competent on their own.


White is a colour of organization and cleanliness. If white is your favourite colour, you are meticulous, tidy, polished, elegant and sophisticated.


They are as bright as the sun. Very imaginative thinkers who love to share knowledge with the world. They are idealistic s well as optimistic. They can be mistaken for extroverts though they like their time to themselves for more thinking.


The brown colour depicts someone who is stable, independent, hardworking and boring. It is a colour that doesn’t crave attention.


Greens advocate for environmental peace and prosperity. They are business-savvy and financially secure. You would find them eager to give advice and practical.


The blues are calm. They like relaxing and are trustworthy. Most of them can converse really well, and people feel at ease in their presence. They are reliable too.


People with purple as their preferred choice are unique, highly intuitive and creative. They are usually very charismatic. An example is Prince. They hold a hint of mystery and mysticism.

Take a colour personality test here.

There you have it, folks. Now I’ll leave you with tips to choose the right iPhone colour.

Tips For Choosing The Right iPhone Colour

Tips For Choosing The Right iPhone Colour
Tips For Choosing The Right iPhone Colour

Choosing the right iPhone colour is a subjective decision that depends on your personal preferences and style. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

Consider Your Preferences

Think about your favourite colours and the shades you tend to gravitate toward in your clothing and accessories. Your iPhone’s colour should reflect your style and make you happy whenever you use it.

Match with Accessories

Consider the accessories you typically use, such as phone cases, watch bands, and headphones. Choose a colour that complements or matches well with your existing accessories.

Classic vs. Trendy

Consider whether you want a classic colour that will remain stylish over time or a trendy colour that’s popular now. Classic colours like black, white, and silver tend to have broader appeal, while trendy colours like pastels or bold hues can make a statement.

Resale Value

Consider the resale value if you plan to upgrade your iPhone relatively frequently. Classic colours usually have better resale value because they appeal to a wider audience.

Visible Wear and Tear

Lighter colours, like scratches and scuffs, tend to show less wear and tear compared to darker colours. If you’re concerned about the appearance of minor imperfections, a lighter colour might be a better choice.

Colour Psychology

Different colours can evoke different emotions. For example, blue can be calming, while red can be energizing. Consider the psychological impact of the colour you choose and how it might influence your overall mood when using your iPhone.

Size Perception

Colours can influence how we perceive size. Darker colours can make a device appear smaller, while lighter colours can make it seem larger. A darker colour might be suitable if you want your iPhone to appear sleeker or more compact.


Some iPhone models offer custom engraving. If this option is available and appealing to you, you can use it to add a personal touch to your device.

Hands-on Experience

If possible, visit an Apple Store or retailer to see the colours in person before making a decision. Lighting and photos might not accurately represent how the colours look in real life.

Consider the Finish

Some iPhone colours come in different finishes, like matte or glossy. Consider which finish you prefer and how it complements your style.

Remember, Your iPhone’s colour is a reflection of your individuality, so choose the one that resonates with you the most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Meaning Of Red iPhone?

“Red iPhone” refers to the product’s colour and is often associated with a charitable cause. Apple has been known to release special edition “Product (RED)” versions of their products, including iPhones, as a part of their partnership with (RED), an organization that raises awareness and funds to help fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

These special edition products feature a red colour scheme, and a portion of the proceeds from their sales go toward supporting the cause. These products offer customers a unique colour option and allow them to contribute to a charitable effort while purchasing a premium Apple device.

2. What Does A Blue iPhone Say About You?

1. Calmness and Tranquility
2. Stability and Trustworthiness
3. Cool and Collected
4. Technology and Modernity
5. Creativity and Imagination
6. Professionalism
7. Personal Preference

3. What Is The Most Famous Color In iPhone?

1. Space grey
2. Black

4. Why iPhone Red Is More Expensive?

The price difference, if any, is generally not due to the colour itself but rather the association with a charitable cause and the fact that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Product (RED) devices go to support the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

5. Which Colour of iPhone is best?

The “best” colour for an iPhone is highly subjective and depends entirely on your personal preferences and style.


What does your iPhone colour say about you? I’m sure you chose that colour because it’s your “favourite colour”. Little do you know that your choice of iPhone colour says a lot about who you are.

Sure, you are over 2000 words wiser today!

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