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19-year-old Nayzia Thomas breaks record as she writes school’s final paper while in labor room

  • Nayzia Thomas, a remarkably talented and determined 19-year-old, achieved an extraordinary feat as she breaks record writing her final exams while facing unique challenges.
  • Despite being pregnant and in labor, she displayed incredible dedication by writing her final papers in anticipation of the birth of her son.
  • Shortly after submitting her final assignments, she gave birth to her baby boy, marking an extraordinary and emotional milestone in her life.

Nayzia Thomas, an exceptional 19-year-old woman, who was pregnant at the time, managed to break records as she completes her final papers while in labor, eagerly awaiting the birth of her son.

Throughout her studies, Nayzia maintained an impressive GPA of 3.50. Shortly after submitting her final assignments, she gave birth to her baby boy, marking an extraordinary and emotional milestone in her life.

Her determination and intellect shone brightly as she successfully graduated from Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, with an outstanding first-class Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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Pregnant lady breaks record at school while in labor room

In her words:

“It wasn’t due until the end of the week. But my goal was to try to have everything done before. [I thought] before all this gets crazy, let me hurry up and finish this final.”

Following her extraordinary experience of taking final exams while in labor, Nayzia Thomas turned to her social media platform to share the aftermath of her unique labor room exam session with her friends and followers. She posted a before and after photo, which her mother had captured while she was still in the hospital.

“School is so important to me. I didn’t want [pregnancy] to be in the way. That’s what people expect. You’re a teen mom, you’re a young mother. That’s why my mom took that picture,” she said.

She narrated that she faced serious challenges following her child’s birth, but her son’s father was right there to take over whenever she went unconscious.

“We had a healthy baby boy. However, I experienced major blood loss & my body went into shock post-delivery. It was very scary, but his father was right there to take over when I went unconscious. We are blessed,” she wrote on Twitter.

Nayzia Thomas expressed that even with the additional challenges of pregnancy, she managed to complete the semester with a commendable 3.5 GPA. “I’m finishing the semester w/ a 3.5 GPA!. It shows I follow through,” she said happily.

She gratefully acknowledged the support and affection she received from everyone, emphasizing how difficult it was to face such a precarious situation. Nevertheless, she remained grateful to God for allowing her to share her remarkable journey.

In her words:

“Thanks to everyone again for the positivity and love. Its been hard trying to cope with being so close to death, but I can’t thank God enough for being able to share my story!!”

see photos of Nayzia Thomas below:

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