HomeNewsMan marries two women in Delta, kisses them passionately in viral video

Man marries two women in Delta, kisses them passionately in viral video

  • Man weds two women in Delta, shares passionate kisses in viral video
  • Viral video shows man marrying and kissing two women at the same time in Delta
  • Social media reacts as man kisses two wives in Delta wedding video

A man from Oria-Abraka, Delta State, has stirred up social media reactions after he tied the knot with two women at the same time in a traditional wedding ceremony.

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The man, identified as Cyril Obarakpo, was seen in a video shared on Instagram by @instablog9ja, kissing his two brides passionately as they exchanged vows in front of their guests.

The video, which has garnered over 300,000 views and thousands of comments, showed the man and his wives dressed in matching outfits while their friends and family members cheered them on.

According to the caption of the video, the wedding took place over the weekend, and the woman was happy to become Mrs Obarakpo.

Delta man breaks tradition, marries two women in one ceremony

Man marries two women in Delta
Man marries two women in Delta

While some social media users congratulated the couple and praised the man for his courage, others criticised the act and questioned the legality and morality of polygamy in Nigeria.

Delta State, where the wedding took place, is not among the states that recognize polygamous marriages as being equivalent to monogamous marriages. Therefore, the legal status of the marriage is unclear.

Polygamy is also a controversial issue in Nigeria, as it is often associated with religious, cultural, and socio-economic factors. Some people view polygamy as a sign of wealth, power, and prestige, while others see it as a violation of human rights, especially women’s rights.

Polygamy is also rare around the world, as most countries prohibit or restrict it by law. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, only 2% of the world’s population lives in polygamous households, and most of them are in Africa and the Middle East.

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Meanwhile, in a TikTok video, @shuga190, a married Nigerian woman, shared important advice for women thinking about getting married. She talks about taking your time and thinking carefully before deciding to get married.

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