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Ifa Priest Reveals How To Make Money, Says Money Ritual Does Not Exist

An Ifa priest, Oluwo Olakunle, has disclosed that the idea of making money through rituals does not exist.

The traditional worshiper made the disclosure in an interview with Legit.ng, where he explained that everyone needs to work to make money.

He stated that even when people seek the help of Ifa to attract blessings, they still need to engage in activities that can bring money.

Olakunle said:

“When soap is done to accumulate the positive energy of attraction, it could nevertheless also be directed to only attract financial opportunities. That explains how this soap works. However, you must work to earn a living or to make money; therefore, the Oògùn or ọṣẹ oṣolẹ does not bring money to your doorstep; it helps to attract positive opportunities in line with your line of work.


Read excerpt from Oluwo Olakunle’s Interview below:

Ifa is a knowledge-based portal, an advanced query system applicable to all aspects of society. Having survived the test of time and the many stereotypes, the potency of the knowledge is unmatched. As against public belief, we all do not need to become a Babalawo “master of mysteries” in the study of Ifa as the knowledge is readily available and useful in all fields of society irrespective of our diverse ideas and understandings.
There are so many stumbling blocks impeding the presence of young, vibrant people from publicly associating with a religious system such as Ifa worship. Although not that I would say that young people are not within the space, young people and, in fact, Africans generally would not just associate with the system because of the negative stereotypes attached to the system.
Ifa explains allegorically in one of the verses of the sacred odus; Awọn alagbara ni n ja ogun fun Ọba Awọn eniyan barabara ni n ṣe iṣẹ agbẹ Ẹni to ba ni iye de inu ni n ṣiṣẹ Babalawo Ẹni ọrọ dun ladunju ni n ṣe awo Ajẹ “Ẹni to ba ni iye de inu ni n ṣiṣẹ Babalawo” translates to one’s quality of logic and critical reasoning, which invariably explains precisely who qualifies to be called an Ifa priest in the contemporary world.
A priest is a knowledge paradox whose views on the different aspects of nature are mostly divergent, yet determined in his resolve by providing solutions to the problems he is confronted with.
As against other religions, Ifa explains historically, through the interpretation of our sacred literary corpus, the relationship between the numerous energies of nature. As a religion, the tenet of nature hinged on the principle of love and truth is a generality in all religions.
Worshipping Ifa makes you a believer, and eventually becoming Babalawo results from a much more advanced level of study. Many practitioners are not certified to be called a Babalawo or Onisegun by virtue of training.
An Ifa priest (Baba gbogbo Alawo) is supposed to be the father of mysteries, a philosopher, a change maker, a researcher, a natural scientist, a programmer, a talent manager, a counsellor and many other things.
A Babalawo is the interpreter who decodes the programming languages of nature while linking the energies that flow through nature with man. An Onisegun is an advanced Adahunse, in that he or she having developed an interest in the general knowledge of herbs, seeks to know more about herbs in a more professional way. He or she is proficient in the knowledge of herbs and roots.
The rise in yahoo yahoo menace has popularised the term “Ose, Oshole,” does bathing ‘soap’ actually bring money? Do money rituals exist in Ifa divinity?

Oluwo Olakunle Olawole

Oluwo Olakunle Olawole is a young Ifa priest, global change maker, and tech enthusiast who uses the Ifa and Orisa (gods) knowledge to impact the young society positively.

He is a fellow of India’s Center for Global Polytheist and Indigenous Tradition (CGPIT). He was a national youth leader for the KOWA, a political party in Nigeria.

He currently hosts Africa’s first Afrofuturist Podcast, #IheifaPriestPodcast. A podcast that gives insight into African Spirituality and corrects its negative stereotypes.

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