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Bank Wahala: Nigerian man laments over a lady’s choice of outfit to the bank

  • “Nigeria don scatter o”, Man laments after recording lady’s ridiculous outfit in bank
  • Lady’s Choice of Outfit to Bank Causes Outrage Among Social Media Users
  • “she ran m@d on her way to the bank” Netizens react to lady’s dress sense

A Nigerian man has sparked a debate online after he posted a video of him expressing his displeasure over a lady’s choice of outfit to the bank. The video, which was shared on his Instagram page, shows the lady wearing a skimpy dress that barely covers her body.

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The man, who claimed to be at the same bank as the lady, said he was shocked and disgusted by what he saw. He said the lady was “almost naked” and that she had no respect for herself or the public.

He also said that Nigeria would be in trouble if such dressing was allowed in the society. He said, “Nigeria don scatter o”, which means “Nigeria is ruined” in pidgin English.

Man Blasts Lady for Wearing Skimpy Dress to Bank

Bank lady
Bank lady

The video has since gone viral and attracted mixed reactions from social media users. Some agreed with the man and criticized the lady for her indecent dressing. They said she was inviting trouble and harassment by exposing herself. They also said she was tarnishing the image of Nigerian women and culture.

Others, however, defended the lady and slammed the man for his judgmental and hypocritical attitude. They said the lady had the right to wear whatever she wanted and that the man had no business filming her without her consent.

They also said the lady’s dress had nothing to do with the state of Nigeria and that the man should mind his own business.

See social media reactions…

She want them to attend to her before other people 😮😮

Girls dy do girls Ajeh. There are diff outfit for diff location. Y’all should grow tf up

Heat too much abeg

asin ehn😂

“Her body, her choice” leave her alone oh stop filming her. If she dresses well now how do you want people to be entertained for free in this current situation of the country?.. Dear Lord thank you for the kinda sisters you gave me oh.

I want to believe she ran m@d on her way to the bank

She wan withdraw her sins

Why taking a video of her without her consent for content !!! 🤡

HER BODY HER CHOICE 😂 that’s the comment that will justify this one 🤧🤣

Omo, if u get family wey no dey misbehave, u don’t know wat God has done for u 💯

Be like she mad for road, and removed her trouser, before getting to the bank ..
cos am not sure she actually left her house like dis .

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