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Cat-astrophe: Cat jumps on Imam leading prayer in mosque, he maintains his cool, video goes viral

Trending on social media space were videos of a cat which jumped on an Imam while he led prayers in the mosque.

While Muslims around the world chose to devote themselves to fasting and prayer this season, the animals decided to partake. The viral video showed a cat who decided to join in as an Imam led the prayers.

The event took place in a central mosque in Algeria as an Imam was focused on leading prayers in the mosque.

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He still maintained his cool, not wanting to be distracted by the cat’s movement on his shoulders.

After the cat was done moving and playing on the Imam’s shoulders, it climbed down on its own.

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Viral video of flexible children as they form pyramid

In other news, a viral video of really flexible kids brought some warmth to the hearts of social media users as they formed a pyramid.

Children are known worldwide to possess extraordinary skills, and though things like this are expected, this was one exceptional case.

The children formed a complicated pyramid but managed to stay balanced.

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