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Chris Brown Joins Davido and Poco Lee in ‘Unavailable’ Dance Challenge

Chris Brown delighted Nigerians as he enthusiastically participated in the viral ‘Unavailable’ challenge alongside Nigerian musician Davido and dancer Poco Lee.

The captivating video, shared on Davido’s Instagram page, showcased Chris Brown as the centre of attention, effortlessly showcasing his dance skills.

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Chris Brown and Davido| Battabox.com
Chris Brown and Davido

Davido expressed his excitement about the collaboration, highlighting the bringing together of two exceptional dancers from different backgrounds.

He further encouraged his followers to continue participating in the ongoing ‘Unavailable’ challenge.

The video’s release sparked immense admiration among fans, who were thrilled to witness the American singer’s involvement in the Nigerian dance trend.

His energetic and captivating performance added an extra layer of excitement to the already popular challenge.

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The ‘Unavailable’ dance challenge has been gaining momentum in recent weeks, with numerous individuals and celebrities sharing their own interpretations of the dance.

Chris Brown’s participation in the ‘Unavailable’ challenge highlights the global reach and influence of Nigerian music and dance culture.