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No more twinkle, twinkle little star – Cute baby falls asleep to loud music, father rocks him

  • The TikTok audience has been enthralled by a touching video of a young father rocking and comforting his newborn infant to sleep. 
  • The father said his son enjoyed dozing asleep anytime he played loud music for him. 
  • For the infant, who previously could only doze off to the sound of a hoover, this was a startling shift because she now preferred to doze off to a loud song.

Thousands of TikTok fans were moved by a sweet video showing a young father lovingly rocking his newborn baby girl as she fell asleep to loud music.

The proud father revealed that his beloved son had a peculiar habit of dozing off whenever he played loud music for him to listen to.

The baby seemed to prefer a vibrant song to lull him to sleep, which was a striking change from how he used to act, when all that could help him drift off to sleep was the continual hum of a hoover.

Cute baby falls asleep to loud music, father rocks him

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Baby falls asleep to loud music

The dad’s cool demeanor as the baby fell asleep to loud music captured the attention of internet users.

User8220834291863 reacted: “Most adorable bubba.” 

Codeinecrawford said: “I love Africa men.” 

DHannah wrote: “Adorable baby Dad keep him warm.” 

Nwaezewih commented: “It was so adorable to watch.”

PreciouUs also commented: “Yes babies like a noise cc. Keep it real. So what you saying is he so like a hoover.”

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Smart baby girl pulls money out of dad’s pocket, hands it to mum

Meanwhile, in a TikTok video, a smart toddler pulls money out of dad’s pocket while he was dozing on the couch and deliver it to her mother. 

As she took the money from her darling collaborator, the mum, who was surreptitiously filming the entire scam, couldn’t contain her delight.

The young child, who appeared to be about a year old, was quite persistent and determined as she alternated between her dad’s pocket and her mother’s hand.