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Man accused of organ harvesting goes insane in Police custody, Medical association distances themselves

  • The doctor suspected of unlawful organ harvesting, Noah Kakere, is said to have become mentally disturbed while in police prison, according to the most recent news.
  • Someone who witnessed the events at the Nasarawa Gown police station in Plateau State reported that Kekere’s condition deteriorated and he was rushed to the hospital without delay.
  • Noah Kakere is not a member of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), according to an official statement from the Plateau State section of that organization.

A doctor, Noah Kekere, who’s been causing a lot of commotion because he’s said to have taken out a woman’s kidney, is now in police custody.

Last Wednesday, the police took Kekere into custody. This all started because a lady named Mrs. Kehinde Kamal went to the Nasarawa Gown police station. She told them about an operation she had with Dr. Kekere back in 2018, and things seem to have gone really wrong.

Kekere reportedly began acting strangely and exhibiting symptoms of mental illness while he was being held by the police, according to a Daily Trust story.

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Man accused of organ harvesting goes insane in Police custody

As soon as he entered the psychiatric ward at Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), Kekere started screaming and tearing his clothes like someone who had lost their mind.

This was corroborated by those who were aware of the incident, and it is the major reason the police moved immediately to transport him to the hospital.

Here is what they said:

“On arrival, he was just screaming, yelling and shouting. He was saying, ‘they want to silence my daughter”

Recent reports suggest that Kekere is not a member of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) in Plateau suggest.

In a statement posted on September 11th, Dr. Bapigaan William Audu, the Plateau State NMA’s leader, declared this information. Dr. Istifanus Bintum Bako, a spokeswoman for the group, reaffirmed this information.

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Business Man, IVD has been arrested – Lagos State Police

In other news, the Nigerian police have finally arrested Nigerian businessman, Ikechuckwu Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD following the incineration and death of his wife, Bimbo.

The announcement was made by SP Ben Hundeyin, the public relations officer of the police force on his twitter page.

This was following the claims by the family that he was on the run. SP Be Hundeyin, however debunked the claims.