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Elderly man who crafts savings boxes receives N250,000 from kind internet users after video went viral

  • An elderly man who crafts wooden saving boxes receives rewards after a client uploaded a video of his work to Instagram.
  • The consumer was shown in the video purchasing a savings box from the elderly man and praising his sales technique.
  • The elderly man was very happy to receive over 250,000 naira in donations from kind internet users.

A touching video of an old man manually crafting wooden saving boxes has gone viral online.

When a customer purchased one of the piggy banks from the elderly guy in Nigeria who sells them by the side of the road, the tale got started.

The piggy bank’s design and build quality won over the consumer.

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Elderly man who crafts savings boxes receives N250,000

In order to express his gratitude, he made a video of the elderly man at work and shared it on Instagram.

As soon as the video went viral, many people were moved by the elderly man’s modest and sincere way of life.

They began sending him donations via an online platform because they wanted to support him and his work.

The elderly man was thrilled to learn that he had been given more than 250,000 naira by strangers who loved his work.

He created a second video to express his gratitude to everyone who supported him after he was unable to control his emotions.

In the video, he is seen receiving the cash, jumping with excitement, and bowing his head in appreciation.

Watch Video Here:

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You get mind oo: Young Nigerian lady asks elderly man to be her sugar daddy

In another story, a young lady walked up boldly to an elderly man and asked him to be her sugar daddy. The video of their conversation has stirred up reactions from netizens.

Phoebe, a woman based in Edo State, approached an elderly man and declared that she wanted him to be her sugar daddy.

In the video that has been circulating online, it was clear that the elderly man was surprised by her confidence and asked where she was from, but the lady ignored him.

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