HomeEntertainmentFemale fitness trainer shares transformation video, netizens react

Female fitness trainer shares transformation video, netizens react

  • A Nigerian lady shared her transformation video on TikTok to the praise of netizens
  • The lady shared where she started from in 2021 in contrast to 2023.
  • Netizens were impressed and praised her for resilience 

A lady has shown great survival feats despite her disability as she shares transformation video on Tik tok.

She is a fitness trainer who didn’t take advantage of her situation to be lazy but pushed through to break barriers despite her disability.

In the video it was shown that she started her training just from the back of her house, while persevering.

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The next part of the video shows her transformation video at the gym with heavy equipment on her back.

Female fitness trainer shares transformation video

Trainer shares transformation video

IamOyestarlight shared this video to encourage people that impossible was possible if only you believe.

The Tik tok video sparked a lot of replies as netizens were impressed by her resilient spirit.

@KEEP UP WITH ETTY: “Training for front split.”

@wall-paper: “I remember when you started, i saw it.”

@Flexible Debbie: “Middle split.”

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Nigerian lady who stopped bleaching shares transformation video

Meanwhile, a young woman who stopped bleaching her skin uploaded photos of the “before” and “after” versions of herself.

At the start of the popular TikTok video, the woman (@joyclerancehair) looked at her fair skin and explained that she had been whitening it at the time.

Many others praised her as she stopped bleaching to alter her natural tone after seeing how transformed her black skin seemed.