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Five Restaurants in Lekki You Must Visit

If you don’t normally eat out (we don’t blame you, we like our homemade meals, too), then it’s a hassle when you have to think of good locations to get takeout (maybe even host a gathering?). Worry not. These restaurants in Lekki have everything you possibly need.

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What is Lekki?

Formerly known as Maroko, Lekki is a thriving city in Lagos State, Nigeria. State records and digital research tell us that this city, sitting on a peninsula, was initially a slum before the military government razed down every brick and thatch.

What sprouted afterward was Lekki.

The city is divided into two phases. And is still largely under construction. The first phase is complete, with the second nearing completion.

Contrary to common talk, Lekki is NOT an island. It is a peninsula, not an island. The only three islands in Lagos State are Lagos Island (Isale Eko), Ikoyi, and Victoria Island.

Scenery is not of Lekki’s weaknesses. Smack-dab between Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean, the city, boasts alluring views that will never leave you bored.

But if the outdoors is not your scene, no matter.

Read through this list of upscale restaurants in Lekki we curated specially for your possible tastes.


Restaurants in Lekki

We really wish we could tell you that all the restaurants in Lekki are favorable. Sadly, that is not the case. There are the ones with premium MO (mode of operations) and premium food. There are those with premium MO and poor food. And we have the ones with poor MO and disgraceful menus.

Thankfully, we don’t really need to go into details about the latter options. You deserve only the best, and so we have accomplished the grueling task of vetting out these restaurants under factors such as their manner of conduct, quality of food, and ambiance.

You must visit these five restaurants in Lekki, no matter what.

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1. Quid By The Brit

quid by de brit restaurant indoors

Quid By De Brit is a nice restaurant located at Lekki Phase I. Address is 1e Babatope Bejide Crescent, Off Fola Osibo, Lekki, Lagos. Their customer hotline is +234 807 482 8225. Closing time is by 2:00 AM at the most, every day.

They have an indoor and outdoor spa. The food is great although not so affordable, the vibes are good and it is certainly the kind of place where you can get quality food or unwind with the guys after a stressful week at work.

You can also order online at their website here.

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2. Sailors Lounge

sailors lounge

Located on Admiralty Road, Lekki, Sailors Lounge is another wonderful idea for your classy meals and even classier sceneries. The scheduled closing time is 2:00 AM, though they have been said to make certain exceptions. The food is excellent, from local cuisine to fancy stuff like milkshakes and desserts.

The official address is Plot 1, 12 Admiralty Rd, Lekki Phase 1 105102, Lagos, Nigeria.

While the food is undoubtedly great, one of the greatest things about this place is the panoramic views of Lagos Lagoon. You could order some food and a glass of white wine, and take it with a mix of clean salty breeze. Therapeutic.

You could also order online from their website here.

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3. Black Bell Restaurant


Now, this famous eatery has two official locations. The first is on Victoria Island at 60a Adeola Odeku St, Lagos State. The second is on Admiralty Way, Lekki. Black Bell restaurants offer great food and quality service. The scheduled closing time is 2:00 AM every day.

Granted, they don’t really do much for the outdoors but it is still a good place to dine in or order takeout. Contrary to popular belief, their offers are quite diverse and affordable. Fast-food, square meals, you name it and Black Bell’s got you.

You could also order from the website here.

4. Circa Restaurant


This is often touted as one of the best sites to dine in Lekki. Cocktails, international classics, and breakfast are served in a modern setting with outdoor seating. The scheduled closing time is 2:00 AM.

The food is excellent and tastes divine, and the views are good, so choosing Circa can never be a waste of time or effort. You are guaranteed to have a good time. Menu prices may be a little on the high side, but regardless, Circa is a very good choice.

The official address is 2 Kola Adeyina Close, Off Jerry Iriabe St, Lekki Phase I, Lagos.

You can book a reservation with them using their hotline or via their website here.

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5. Utazi Kitchen

Utazi Kitchen

Hot soups? Peppery stews? Seasoned meats? Say no more.

Utazi Kitchen is a restaurant located in Lekki Phase 1. The official address is Block 74, Plot 15 Emma Abimbola Cole Street, off Fola Osibo, Lekki, Lagos.

If Utazi is great at anything, it’s the local cuisine. Sadly, there are no thrilling views to see here, but the food makes up for it.

Also, it is really good food.

The scheduled closing time is 2:00 AM. However, exceptions can be made for certain cases. The menu is to-die-for, in case that wasn’t already clear. And not only is the food affordable, but also Utazi has really nice staff, and their manner of conduct is very professional.

Want our off-the-record advice? Try the roast chicken.

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Wrap Up

There are so many more restaurants and bars available in Lekki, far too many to count, some with even cheaper rates.

But quality is favored over quantity, and if you need a place that puts its food where your mouth is, you should consider any of the options listed above.

If you have any comments or require assistance, let us know below.

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