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30 Funny Relationship Memes That Will Get You Laughing

Here are the top 30 funny relationship memes that will have you rolling with laughter. Relationships, especially in this present day of ours, have become tight, strenuous, and somewhat laughable acts. Am I coming on too strong?

No, no, I don’t think so. If relationships weren’t a laughable activity, would there be a need for funny relationship memes? Alright, it’s time to bring it down a notch.

A relationship, especially one between lovers, is an act of love, sacrifice, understanding, care, and unity, amongst many other things. Relationships used to have singles drooling with envy.

The saying, “two heads are better than one,” is supposed to be true in a good and standard relationship. Is there a standard? Yes, there is. The standard for a relationship is a foundational existence between two people built on trust, love, and accountability.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the standard has fallen so far in the present day. Presently, relationships are seen as stressful. More Gen Z-made unwritten rules are soiling the validity and strength of relationships.

However, this post isn’t to discuss such keen relationship issues. Instead, it is to show you some of the funniest memes about relationships that are relatable. Be careful; you might even catch yourself either engaging in or being on the receiving end of some of the funny meme truths.

Relationships, whew. Along with these 20 funny relationship memes, there would be 10 toxic relationship memes that are very relatable. Do you care to know how I would define toxic relationships?

Stay tuned to figure it out.

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20 Funny Relationship Memes You Should See

An Afro-American couple enjoying a romantic sunny autumn day
An Afro-American couple enjoying a romantic sunny autumn day

Older generations used to have more strict views and understanding about relationships. But, in our “more free and open-minded generation” we find it harder to navigate simple things, and deception rises astronomically.

Damn, I’m such a serious personality. Loosen up, bro!

Here are the Top 20 Funny Relationship memes;

1. My Fears Have Being Confirmed

Funny Relationship Memes
Funny Relationship Memes

There are various things as boyfriends that you wouldn’t count as significant. Trust me, your girlfriend counts it! Believe me. They notice the small things you do and stop doing. The moment you don’t do it anymore, they can relate it to something “annoyingly” unrelated.

What can you do though? she’s your girlfriend.

2. You Don’t Want A Girlfriend

Relationship memes

This is so relatable. Especially in this part of the world I hail from. You receive the green light in the form of such a statement, “I want a boyfriend”.

But don’t you dare go in for the kill? There is already a picture of the perfect person, and you are not that.

3. On My Mind

Funny Memes

You can’t blame a man in love. You can’t possibly control the rate at which they take over your mind. It’s unplanned and unexpected. But, just as the Europeans, they march in and colonize it all.

Did I have to use that description? Haha.

4. You Spoke Too Late

Funny Memes

We don’t get to choose those our minds get attached to. It just happens. Two people meet by sheer coincidence, maybe even on a solstice. They both move on with their lives without knowing they are in for a long ride ahead of them.

What do you mean don’t get attached? I’m already attached.

5. I Don’t Want To Fight With You

Funny relationship memes

There is a special superpower that a woman has that can link any of your comments during arguments to other women. I’m telling you, it’s innately embedded deep in their subconscious, and they can’t help it themselves.

There is a way out, though. Bill Burr advises that when arguing with a woman. Do your best to maintain your point, and don’t waver. Only at that point can you lose better.

Oh, you wanted to win? We don’t do that here.

6. You Look Like Such A Nice Girl

memes relationships

It’s better to maintain an air of decency outwardly, especially in front of a parent or both. There is nothing wrong with channeling your inner freak in the bedroom, though.

When you say inner freak, it’s not the shape-shifting blue-bodied woman in X-men.

7. Don’t Take My Word For It

memes funny relationships

With women or your spouse, it’s best not to take their word for it when going to the store. The best advice is always to do the opposite of whatever you are told.

You don’t believe me?

8. Oh Yeah, Baby!

Oh yeah Baby!

We all know what happens next when she reaches behind her head and ties her hair into a ponytail. She goes on her knees and…

…prays for you. Cleanse your mind.

9. Be His Peace

memes funny relationships

Part of understanding in a relationship is ensuring you have a spare blanket inside the wardrobe in case you have a partner who is “bed-selfish”.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s just poor bedroom etiquette.

10. A Good Dream

Funny Relationship memes

Many things would hinder us from acting this way 24/7. It includes;

Funny memes

Okay, maybe you don’t need to hear it.

11. Why You Always Mad?

Funny memes

It’s not Archimedes’ principle of floatation. It’s not that hard. Suppose you would stop making me mad. I would stop being mad always.

12. Pre-Relationship Issues


There’s such a term as Pre-relationship. Pre-relationship is that period where both parties have full knowledge of an intention to enter into a relationship. But, there are a few loose ends to tie before getting in the both.

E.g. The unending arguments and many more.

13. Here They Come!!

Funny memes Relationship

Hair clips. Men have no use for them, and women have every use for them. It’s a plus-one deal. You take me, my hair clips come with me.

14. Why?

Funny memes Relationship

There is no better question.

15. I’m Not Feeling You Right Now

Relationship memes

Texting isn’t everyone’s strong suit

…when you are single! The moment you have that partner with you, you better suit up like Iron Man trying to save the day.

16. Food Delivery Guy

Relationship memes

She means different. Maybe you are her…phew, no other way to say it.

You aren’t the main guy, bro.

17. What Are You Wearing?

Relationship memes

Haha. I plead the fifth.

18. On My Face

Funny Memes

There is no better place to sit. It bears set contours that would keep you…PG 13!

19. I Was Born In The Dark

Funny Relationship memes

Oh, Love, what have you done to me? Love happens to be one of the standout characters in the TV series You.

She took Joe Goldberg to a battle of the mentally challenged, a war to find out who is more crazy. The bad part is she doesn’t look it.

The crazy ones don’t usually look like it.

20. I’d Rather Be Single

Relationship memes

Haha. It’s a cycle best understood by women. Don’t try to use logic for this.

There you have it! 20 funny relationship memes that you must see. That’s not all. Keep your legs to the pedal for 10 more toxic relationship memes you should see.

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10 Toxic Relationship Memes You Should See

Toxic Relationship Memes
Toxic Relationship Memes

Toxic relationships…hmm

Sadly, it’s the greatest type of relationship in the world today. A toxic relationship is a relationship built on lies, manipulation, need, greed, disrespect, and many negative vices. A toxic relationship has degrees of toxicity.

This post only shows memes that humorise the very beginning.

1. Oh Shit

Toxic Relationship memes

This is how most toxic relationships start. You fall for a one-sided feeling and expect a mutualistic relationship.

Common, Ororo is not crude oil (haha).

2. I Can’t Do This Anymore

Toxic Relationship

Some take the texting game a little bit too seriously, and some don’t. Find your spec and handle your devil.

3. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Toxic Relationship

You are crazy, just like diamonds in the sky”.

4. Oh No, No, You Can’t Do This To Me

Relationship memes

Oh No, No, You Can’t Do This To Me.

5. You’re Mine

Relationship memes

Calling someone mine used to be romantic and fun. Maybe it still is but when told by a toxic person, you can hope to hate the next few months of your life.

6. This Is Too Toxic

Funny Relationship memes

Most times, toxic relationships prosper due to continuous undeserved second chances.

7. Physical Validation

 Relationship memes

You don’t really want s3x. You just want the physical validation that you are s3xually desirable to replace the emotional rejection of being unlovable.

8. This Feels Different

Funny Relationship memes

Sometimes, all you need is a change in your relationship type.

9. Dysfunctional Couples

Toxic Relationship memes

Children should own a high percentage of reasons why dysfunctional couples stick together. The adverse effects can range from perpetual dissatisfaction to child abuse.

10. Keep Your Relationship Private

funny relationship memes

Talk about one of those unwritten Gen Z rules. These rules have been portrayed to be intended for humour. Beneath that, several take part in such toxic and damaging acts that bear no futuristic benefits.

There it is, 10 + 20 Funny relationship memes that you can relate to. Hope you enjoyed yourself?


Relationships bring two lives together and place the responsibility to better it in both hands. It takes patience, understanding, and trust to allow such duty to prosper. Three virtues that might be sorely lacking in our world today.

However, memes help us to relieve the stress of strenuous topics, and we can all laugh about it. Haha, Haha.

Moibi Damilare
Moibi Damilare
Moibi Damilare has a traditional and classical outlook on life. He is often criticised for being critical and one-sided on trending issues which is opposite for such a happy, disciplined and lovely soul.