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Identical twin brothers receives attention for their attire and gait while walking on the road (Video)

  • A video of identical twins who dress and move in unison has gone viral online.
  • A vehicle spotted them and honked at them as they were strolling along the road, as shown in the video.
  • Although they initially missed him, they returned his greeting after turning around.

Twins who dress and move in unison were captured in a popular TikTok video, which went viral.

In the video, they were seen walking down the street while wearing identical clothing.

They make coordinated arm and leg movements that appear choreographed.

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Identical twin brothers receive attention for their attire

They were spotted by a passing car, who yelled his enthusiasm for them.

At first they didn’t notice him, but as they turned around they grinned and waved in return.

The driver questioned them whether they were twins because of how much they resembled one another and moved in unison.

They acknowledged that they were and stated that they always preferred doing things jointly.

The driver thanked them and wished them a happy day in the final moments of the video.

Social Media Reaction:

@Whitepowder reacted: “Black Coffee’s Bothers 9.”

@Lucky747484 said: “Why they look like Dj black coffee.”

misst2486 wrote: “Black Coffee must join them.”

@Karen Chia commented: “They look face to face, I mean they look good together.”

@joyce6677 also commented: “These ones are too identical and close. When one cries the other one cries too.”

@Ashley Eff: “They have been doing this forever ! Love them – great guys.”

@Turpin matroos: “They look each.each,they look again.”

Watch Video Here:


Wow this is rare to see 😳❤️❤️❤️🥹🥹 thats so cute lol #blowthisup #mrpotee #rachapotes #fyppppppppppppp Tag a twin that still dress the same This is for viewing ONLY *I do not own the copyright or trademark to this video* For Credit or Removal please DM Please Tag The rightful owner for credit If you know them ❤️🙏🏽 (send vids to be posted)

♬ original sound – Laugh Hard

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Celebrations as identical twins who got pregnant same time welcome babies same day

In other news, a set of identical twins who conceived at about the same time have put to bed at the same time.

The sisters got many people talking on social media after news of their new born babies made headlines.

In a viral video on TikTok, the twins, @NaeNaeTwins, who are popular content creators followed up on previous updates they had shared with their followers, informing them that they had both welcomed baby boys.

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