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Keep up the good work: Nigerians praise Innoson Motors as they reveal gas-powered vehicles

Innoson Motors, a Nigerian automobile manufacturer has unveiled new vehicles that use Gas instead of diesel or petrol.

In an official statement released on the company’s Facebook account, it was shared that the decision regarding the innovation was because of the current fuel subsidy in Nigeria.

Innoson Motors showcased the vehicles at their factory in Anambra state, Nnewi, and the commissioner for Industry of the state, Mr Christian Udechukwu was present as he represented the governor where he talked about the subsidy.

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According to him, the idea behind the creation of gas-powered vehicles was a good one as he explained that considering the situation of the country, it wasn’t bad to make use of another energy for transportation.

Gas is more environmentally friendly – Innoson Motors head of communications

 Innoson Motors reveals gas-powered vehicles

“The withdrawal of the subsidy has created a shock and the price of fuel has increased by almost 200% leading to restiveness in the Nigerian Labour Congress, the trade unions, and other Nigerians. The cost of transportation has risen apparently and one of the ways the government can alleviate that is by introducing mass transit systems that run on alternative energies as well as fuel. The more you have the ones that run on gas and solar, the greater the chances of a stable fuel price due to the existence of choices and Innoson offers that,” he said.

Speaking more about the vehicles, the CEO of Innoson Motors Manufacturing, Chief Dr Innocent Chukwuma assured Nigerians of the availability and safety of the different kinds of cars that use Gas.

Mr. Cornel Osigwe, the head of corporate communications, at Innoson Motors, explained the advantages of these gas-powered vehicles.

“Gas has high combustion rate than fuel. So generally, gas is more environmentally friendly. Nigerians are used to petrol cars but the abundance of natural gas has provided sustainable alternatives to all,” he said.

 Innoson Motors reveals gas-powered vehicles

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