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The government took her: Italian lady reunites with Nigerian mum after 34 years

A heartwarming video of how a mother reunited with her daughter after 34 years has left many in awe.

In a TikTok video, the Italian woman returned to Nigeria with a man to finally meet her mother who she had lost contact with for years

When the two finally set eyes on each other, the mother immediately checked the Italian lady to confirm a mark she had right from when she was young.

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After the surprised mother confirmed the mark on her daughter’s back, she immediately started shedding tears of joy.

She narrated that the last time she saw her daughter was in the 1980s when her mother took her to Italy; after many days she inquired about her daughter from her mum but was informed that the government had taken the child.

The devastated mum quickly went to the embassy to reach her child but was denied a visa. She explained in tears that her daughter fell on broken glass when she was young, so she had a scar on her back, which she confirmed.

The mother and daughter reunion had many people present at the scene in happiness as the mum and her child hugged each other.


#duet with @Jolanda92 Domenica found her biological mother

♬ suono originale – Jolanda92

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Lady left home at 9, reunites with mum after 25 years 

Meanwhile, a young lady who left her mum when she was only nine years of age returned home into the loving arms of her mother.

The lady, identified as Juneb86, shared a TikTok video that recorded the moment she and her mum engaged in a warm embrace after over two decades of not seeing themselves.

However, some netizens didn’t believe the young lady’s story, so she made another video to explain further.  

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