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How did the lecturer find out? – Nigerian Lady laments over zero exam result after using ChatGPT

After posting a video of her exam scores, a Nigerian woman sparked a frenzy on social media on an AI tool, ChatGPT.

The woman in the video received her marked exam script from a recent exam and was astonished to find a score of zero. 

She received a zero because her responses were generated by AI, as noted by the lecturer who marked her script in the paper. 

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The woman claimed ChatGPT messed her up while posting the video. 

Social media reactions

Many social media users who responded to the video criticized the woman for copying verbatim from the AI tool.

Artfarihub said: “Something wey she suppose copy and paste for quillbot to paraphrase.. then maybe to AI is going to be the end of human critical thinking ability tho.” 

Chinonso_ stated: “Lol. When you use chatgpt for essays, you have to still humanize it and make it yours. It’s like copying someone’s name and matric number in a test/exam, the Lecturer would know you’re a cheat. There’s another website where after restructuring the essay, you can check to see if it still reads like its chatgpt generated.” 

_deagram reacted: “ChatGpt leads to a lack of critical thinking. It shouldn’t be always your source of information especially as a student.” 

Fheytii asked: “How did the lecturer figure it out? Omo.” 

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Lecturer permits students to cry in difficult exam

Meanwhile, a man sparked social media wrath after sharing a picture of a very difficult examination question paper.

DaCosta Boakye posted a 2019 exam question from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, on a Facebook group called “Tell it all”.

The final engineering exam had six instructions, but numbers four and five drew the most attention.

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