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Man gifts poor widow a house in the village

Man gifts poor widow a house in the village; a compassionate young Nigerian man, identified as @clifford_obi350, utilized his resources to bring joy to the life of a widow residing in his village.

Captured in a heartwarming video, the man proudly showcased his progress as he embarked on constructing a house for the grateful woman.

Initially, the footage depicted the structure at the roofing stage, with the addition of roofing sheets to the previously completed carpentry work. Upon completion, the man further adorned the building by applying a fresh coat of paint.

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Man gifts poor widow a house in the village: More funds bro

In addition to providing a new home, he went the extra mile and purchased a comfortable mattress for the old lady.

The jubilant women of the village expressed their delight by joyfully dancing towards the newly constructed house, celebrating the young man’s remarkable act of kindness.

This good deed sparked some reactions from netizens who saw the video. Some of them commented,

@kevinwillams42: “God will keep giving u bro.”

@Akuchinyere Rita: “God bless you. May you never lack.”

@Vincent Ugboesotu: “More funds bro.”

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They want to take our properties– Widow cries out for intervention

In other news, a widow and mother of four children addressed her deceased husband family members who tried to take possession of their property.

She was begging for support from the governor of Edo State, the oba of Benin, and other Nigerians and she pointed out that she and her late husband, who spent 24 years living in Europe, were legally married.

The woman continued by explaining that her husband had left for Nigeria after being diagnosed with cancer and showing no signs of recovery.