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My small heaven: lady shows off beautiful home built with roofing sheets

A pretty lady got people talking on social media after she showed off the house she lives in.

The lady, identified as Gabaza Blackbinoh Getty, shared pictures on Facebook of her house made with zinc roofing sheets.

The house, although small, is well-built and has many modern furniture.


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Although her veranda does not have much space, she was able to decorate it beautifully.

There’s also a foot mat inside the house, and the colour of her furniture matches the foot mat.

A clean and smart house

Many netizens in the comments section have given their thoughts about the house, with someone saying that despite living in a big house, she doesn’t have a sofa like hers?.

While some hailed her for building such an apartment, others noted that the place is smart and net but advised her to save money and buy blocks to build with.

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Nigerian man builds mud house with N1.3m

Meanwhile, a Nigerian man displayed a surprisingly beautiful mud house he built with only 1.3 million Naira.

The foundation stage of the house was shown in a Tiktok video posted by a building expert known as Lawrance.

The completed house shocked a lot of social media users who saw photos of its process from the foundation to when it was finished.

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