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She looks like an angel: Netizens gush over dark-skinned mum who backs her baby as she uses grinding stone

A beautiful dark-skinned woman has left many in awe after a video that captured her using a grinding stone as she backs her child on her back surfaced online.

The TikTok clip had many people gushing as the woman used a wrapper to secure the young child in her back and went ahead with her chore.

The TikToker who posted the video explained that she was grinding two of the ingredients, sorghum and corn used to prepare a porridge.

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The beautiful woman was captured on her knees as she grinds the ingredients then at some point stood up with the child still strapped on her back and faced the camera.

Netizens gush over dark-skinned mother

Reactions: She looks beautiful

The video had many social media in awe. While some praised and gushed over her beauty and skin, others walked down memory lane as they shared that they missed this. See some comments below;

@presenter Dee: she’s very beautiful

@viojahouseentertainment: used to do this when I was a teenager

@user5227097098806: I hope these people can continue to live this way and their villlages are protected

@Hlengiwe.immaculate: Beautiful

@Rubby_dotty❤️: The skin is glowing 🥰🥰so pretty

@Nooria Mbala: she looks beautiful bambi

@nimuthi: the strength of a woman

@Prity: Its better to live in a world like this than the modern world.
bunda. Supermom


Африкадағы тайпалардың көпшілігі сорго … қаз/eng/рус ⤵️⤵️⤵️ Африкадағы тайпалардың көпшілігі сорго (құмай) мен жүгеріден жасалған ботқа жейді. Дәндер ұнтақталып қайнатылады. Тұз және дәмдеуіштер болса, оларды да қосады. Most tribes in Africa eat porridge made from sorghum and corn. The grains are ground and boiled. If there is salt and seasoning they add them. Большинство племен в Африке едят кашу из сорго и кукурузы. Зерна перемалывают, а потом варят. Если есть соль и приправа, то добавляют их.

♬ original sound – Bakhadir.Rassulov

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Beautiful dark-skinned lady with rocks social media

Meanwhile, a beautiful dark-skinned lady got media attention after she flaunted her perfect dark skin on TikTok.

The woman, who is black and is dark-skinned, posted videos on her TikTok account, @florence_baitio, and received compliments on how attractive she was.

She shared her joy over having a large forehead, and the internet community reacted strongly.

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