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Brilliant Nigerian man builds his GPA from 3.67 in 100 level to 4.99 in final year, wins full scholarship to 5 European university

Iyiola Oladunjoye, a talented Nigerian, graduated with first-class honours in microbiology by increasing his grade point average, GPA from 3.67 in his first year to 4.99 in his final year.

He received full master’s scholarships to five esteemed colleges in Europe as a result of his outstanding achievement.

Iyiola Oladujoye earned a first-class honours grade point average, GPA from 3.67 to 4.52 out of a possible 5.00 to earn his bachelor’s degree in microbiology.

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He claimed to have lost his father just days before his first-year exams.
Iyiola claimed that the sad event had left him feeling quite dejected.

Due to financial issues, which had an impact on his grade points in the second semester of his first year, he was considering dropping out.

Brilliant Nigerian man builds his GPA from 3.67 in 100 level to 4.99 in final year

GPA from 3.67 to 4.53

Iyiola made up his mind to honour his late father with a firm determination.

He concentrated more on his academics and was able to keep up his first-class performance till he received his university degree.

Iyiola received the Erasmus scholarship after earning his degree from the University of Ilorin.

Along with the scholarship, he also received a joint master’s student of the Leading International Vaccinology Education (LIVE) programme, which was entirely funded by the European Union.

On LinkedIn, he said that he had received a scholarship that was fully supported. Iyiola explained that Master LIVE is a joint programme run by five prestigious colleges in Europe that will grant him a master’s degree from each after it is complete.

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Brilliant lady wins scholarship to Oxford University, set to earn masters degree

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady named Edidiong Umoh has received a scholarship to the University of Oxford where she is set to earn a Master’s degree.

Edidiong received the Saïd Foundation Scholarship and the  Mastercard Foundation Africa Oxford Initiative Scholarship to study at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

She was also offered admission and a bursary award from the Cambridge Judge Business School. She took to social media to celebrate her achievement and announce her accomplishment.