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If I tell people in Nigeria not to come, dem no go understand — Nigerian man relocates to the UK, expresses regret one week after

A Nigerian man who relocated to the UK recently expressed his struggles while also mentioning his initial ease before relocating overseas.

The man’s wife had been living abroad for three years, and he joined her in the UK. A video captured him bitterly complaining about his new environment.

Speaking in Igbo, he lamented the difficulty of adapting to the cold weather and the requirement to wear mittens and sweaters. He also continued to bemoan the high cost of living in the UK.

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What kind of rubbish country is this?

He compared the rental costs in Nigeria to those in the UK, where he was paying N1.3M (or 1,400 pounds) per month for just one room. The man highlighted his comfortable life in Nigeria, where he lived in a duplex.

In his words, “They’re telling me just one room for 1,400 pounds which is almost N1.3 million. What kind of rubbish country is this? I must wear shoes, sweater, cap, and hand gloves as if I am travelling. Still, it’s just this close place I’m going to. If I tell people in Nigeria not to come, they won’t understand.”

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Nigerian man sells houses and car to relocate, gets stranded in the UK

In a similar story, a Nigerian man lamented bitterly about his recent relocation to the United Kingdom (UK) in a video that went viral and evoked mixed emotions.

The clip showed the man in a train station with all his baggage. According to him, his landlord sent him packing with all his belongings.

The man shared how he had sold his houses and car to pay the sum of N10m to a certain Mrs Olaitan. She had given him the false hope that there were jobs waiting for him in the UK.