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Fuel don turn surprise package – Nigerian man surprises okada man with fuel, man blushes

  • A young man made a kind gesture to a biker that knocked him off balance. 
  • As soon as he arrived at the biker’s station, the young man made a commotion and knelt down on one knee to hand him a gallon of petrol. 
  • Many viewers of the heartwarming video were left in stitches by the bike man’s response, and many also applauded the young person.

On social media, a young Nigerian man was praised as he surprised an okada man with fuel.

A touching TikTok video of the young person giving fuel was filmed and has since gone popular online.

In the video, the young man, @iam3pu_a, approached the bike man as soon as he arrived at his station and fell to his knees. 

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The audience was alerted by this as they tried to understand what was about to occur. 

Then, when the surprised biker accepted his offer of a gallon of petrol, the man extended his hand.

The biker grinned as he hesitated, even more surprised. 

Nigerian man surprises okada man with fuel, man blushes

Okada man with fuel blushes hard

Finally, he joyfully accepted the gallon of petrol. 

Netizens laughed at the okada man with fuel as he was reluctant to collect the gallon.

Imole said: “See where bad government don carry us reach imagine fuel don turn surprise package.” 

harsharkeforlarha said: “I know dis man,he deserves it bcs his a nice person.” 

Mide said: “This is my junction, Nova junction . Keep up the good work bro.” 

WAVEY said: “Man hasn’t received love in years,it’s so strange.” 

Yemiwo said: “Nobody is talking about that angry man pushing the man to collect the fuel if the bike man turn to yam now nah him go first japa.”

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Egg vendor’s joyful surprise: N1m gift sparks unforgettable moment

Meanwhile, young Nigerian egg seller, Iwuchukwu Akachukwu Henry, was surprised with a gift of one million Naira because of his exceptional hawking talent, which caught someone’s eye.

The young man rose to fame after a video of him enthusiastically hawking his eggs to a customer in a moving automobile went viral on Instagram.

The kindhearted individual, @auxellmusical, located the youngster and extended a meeting invitation.