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Nigerian Navy Ranks and Salary 2023

The Nigerian Navy is one of the biggest navies in Africa. They have hundreds of officers scattered throughout the country. The Nigerian Navy Salary is structured in a way to suit all its officers according to their ranks.

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If you’re not familiar with the Nigerian navy, its origin, structure, and salary, then keep reading. This article explains the major knowledge you need about the Nigerian Navy

Immediately after the amalgamation in 1914, the process of forming the Nigerian Navy began, during that time they were not formed into a full-fledged unit, until the first of June 1956 when it was permitted to be called the royal Nigerian navy, by the queen of England.

The Royal Nigerian Navy changed it’s name to Nigerian Navy in 1963 when Nigeria became a republic

There are many duties of the Nigerian navy, one of which is to protect and maintain the country’s water from threats, then, to maintain law and order within the internal waters, economic zones, contiguous zones, and territorial waters.

They are also there to protect the country’s pride and interest and promote friendliness with other countries and of course, they are paid salaries to help them fulfill these duties

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Nigerian Navy Salary

Nigerian Navy Salary

Before we delve more into the NN salaries it is good for you to understand their ranks. The Nigerian Navy is divided into two categories which include the commission officers and the non-commissioned officers. Under these categories, there are different ranks

Furthermore, the Nigerian Navy salaries are paid to officers according to their ranks. The higher the rank, the higher the salary.

First of all, let’s talk about the categories and their salary.

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Salaries of the commission officers 2023

The Nigerian Navy commission officers are those that attain their ranks after successfully graduating from the Nigerian Defense Academy or are being recruited by the Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Commission.

They are usually senior staff, with higher ranks, hence they earn more than the non-commissioned officers, and are also entitled to naval allowances aside from their basic salary.

Their basic salary include

Rank Monthly SalaryAnnual Salary
Vice Admiral₦1,113,602₦13,363,229
Rear Admiral₦1,003,245₦12,038,945
Commodore ₦615,488₦7,385,856
Commander₦281,674₦3, 380,086

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Salaries of the non-commissioned officers 2023

On the other hand are the non-commissioned officers that have not earned a commission. They start from the lowest of ranks and climb upwards.

Non-commissioned officer’s salaries are not publicized for some reason. Although through thorough research this is what we have been able to come up with

  • Navy warrant Officer = Approximately 2 million Naira per annum
  • Master Warrant Officer: approximately 1.8 million Naira  per year
  • Warrant Officer: approximately 1.1 million Naira per year
  • Cadet training;  approximately 500,000 Naira per year

If you have interest to join the Nigerian navy you must consider your mode of entry likewise your salary to get a full picture and a better decision.


Nigerian Navy Ranks

The Nigerian Navy orders its officers according to rank. The ranks also define the amount of salary paid to an officer. They are under the two categories that we have discussed in the section above.

Nigerian Navy Salary

Ranks for commission officers

There are 12 ranks for the Nigerian Navy commission officers, from the highest to the lowest, they include

  • Admiral of the Fleet: First is the admiral of the fleet, it is the highest rank in the Nigerian Navy, it is a naval position that is granted on honorary grounds, it is not attained. It is equal to a field marshall rank in the Nigerian army. They probably have the highest salaries
  • Admiral: This rank can be attained, it is the highest attainable rank. It is rare to see officers get to this level
  • Vice-Admiral: this is the next dominant rank after the rear admiral it is equal to lieutenant general in the Nigerian Army and Air marshal in the Air Force
  • Rear Admiral: This is the next rank after the vice admiral, also called flag officer or flag ranks
  • Commodore: This is a rank superior to captain, and below the rear admiral.
  • Captain: This is the rank similar to the army colonel in the Nigerian Army
  • Commander: The commander is the rank superior to the Lieutenant commander 
  • Lieutenant Commander: This is the most senior rank to all junior officers. 
  • Lieutenant
  • Sub-Lieutenant
  • Acting Sub-Lieutenant: Here is another Lieutenant rank, it is a rank between Midshipman and Lieutenant. 
  • Midshipman: This is the least rank, similar to the Pilot officer in the Air Force.

Ranks for non-commissioned officers

Nigerian Navy Non-commissioned officers are lower ranks hence lower salaries, you can check out the qualifications for Naval recruitment to know if you will fit in.

There are 7 ranks in this category from the highest to the lowest and they include

  • Warrant Chief Petty Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • Petty Officer
  • Leading Rating
  • Able Rating
  • Ordinary Rating
  • Trainee

Nigerian Navy Command Structure

The Nigerian navy structure avoids difficulty in assigning out duties, it also helps to aid the adequate discharge of national duties. 

It is structured into 9 branches at the headquarters which includes 5 command and 3 operational other units. They include

  • Western Naval command locates at Apapa
  • Central Naval command located in Yenogoa
  • Eastern Naval Command located in Calabar

They also have 2 other training and logistics and training centers at Apapa and Oghara, where recruits are trained for physical fitness, firearms, firefighting, seamanship, ship control discipline, and teamwork.

A flag officer heads each command, which is the rank of Rear Admiral. 

The Nigerian Navy units include

  • Naval Ordnance Depot (NOD)
  • Naval Doctrine and Assessment Centre (NDAC)
  • Navy Holdings Limited (NHL) 

There are more subsidiary units of the Nigerian navy that make up the bulk of this armed force.



The Nigerian Navy has a firm salary structure for all its officers according to their ranks. High-ranking officers earn more, but there’s a ladder, so the more you grow the more money you get.

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