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20+ Pet Peeves That Make You Want To Break Something

Nobody can blame you for having pet peeves, because everyone has at least one. Or one hundred.

Whether it’s that your coworker whose volume dial always gets broken during calls, or those people who cannot sit still inside a bus without scratching like a DJ, there are some things that just… disturb you. In fact, not just disturb… they make you want to lose your mind, because, for a split second, you contemplate murder.

And then suddenly, you find yourself checking up on “How to hide a body” on Google before you can stop yourself. It’s that bad for some people.

Oh, wait! Some of you are looking confused. Let’s back up, then, shall we?

What are pet peeves?

Pet peeves are things that a particular person finds especially annoying. Yeah, that’s right; that behavior or thing that makes you refuse to let bygones be bygones and instead makes you want to buy gun.

Some of the most common pet peeves have to do with noises you wish you didn’t have to hear (like slurping) or sights you wish you didn’t see (like spitting). However, other examples have to do with being impacted by other people’s decisions, like queue jumpers or getting interrupted. 

It’s easy to get irked by very specific things; we’re all humans, after all, with emotions and feelings and breaking points for all those things.

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Universal pet peeves that make people go mad

While pet peeves are usually personal and peculiar to individuals, there are plenty of common ones that everybody hates.

Just like Chris.

1. Interrupting during a conversation

Everybody has that aunty that will never let people get in a word edgewise during a conversation. They will ask a question and go ahead to answer it, and then give detailed explanations again.

And they’re wondering why they’re still attending Shiloh at 35. Getting interrupted is one of the top pet peeves everyone has.

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2. Repetitive tapping

Some people are naturally restless; yes, we know that. They thrive in chaos, and they’re resting state is one of constant motion. This means that, while in thought, they find themselves unconsciously tapping something. It could be a pen or their foot.

Unfortunately, I’m one of these people, and I can’t count the number of “sorrys” I’ve had to say because of this. But at least I consciously try to prevent myself from repeating it after being called out,

Some people will just go right back.

Yeah, that’s right

3. Cutting lines

Challenge: Start a sentence with the letter U

Reply: Us on the queue, we don’t have sense, abi?

Probably because they do not care, they feel they’re more important or just for the sake of causing trouble, some people will never want to join a queue. It’s either they identify someone that they know near the front, or some just waltz to the front brazenly while expecting nobody to challenge them.


There’s nothing worse than a line-cutter, so don’t be that person and wait your turn accordingly.

Their cousins are those who see people queued at the ATM behind one machine, and then proceed to try the other machines like the people are queueing for queueing’s sake.

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4. Taking phone calls in public

There are some people whom you can write biographies on, despite having known them for only twenty minutes. You know what they ate that morning, where they’re going, who Shalewa is, and why she refused to drag the leg of the guinea fowl. Whatever that means.

It’s one thing to make a phone call in an empty park or on a busy street. It’s another thing to make one in a peaceful, quiet coffee shop where people are working, or on a bus where you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers.

It’s even worse when they put the phone on loudspeaker.


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5. Video calling without headphones

These people belong to the same level of hell as those above, because there’s no reason why you should be taking video calls in public without headphones on. Not everyone wants to hear the back-and-forth of your conversation as they try to get some work done or relax.

6. Throat-clearing/coughing noises

Is something dead in your throat? So why are you sounding like a small generator with spark plug issues?

7. Chewing sounds/noises

So, yes, you’re eating and not dying of hunger. Wow! I’m really happy for you, but do you know that I have misophonia?

What is misophonia, you ask? Well, this is a condition that causes people to have strong reactions to specific sounds. Which means that as you’re chewing rice and it’s sounding like gravel, I’m feeling like I should come and do this to you…

In reality, though, everybody hates it when people sound like they have a mic in front of their mouths while eating. It’s one of the universal pet peeves. Can’t you eat in silence? And you’re complaining that you have ulcer.

You never see anything.

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8. Driving too slow

I trust my Lagos drivers. They will let you know what they think of you, your car, and your mother immediately.

Yes, he’s praying for you. In reverse.

9. Slow walkers

Have you ever been trying to get somewhere in a hurry, but then there was this particular person right in front of you on the sidewalk who was walking like they were counting their steps so they didn’t run out? How did it make you feel? Like you should push them into the traffic?

When possible, it’s good to match the pace of those around you. And if that’s not possible, try to keep to the side so people in a hurry can have a clear path.

10. People who talk during movies

No offense to Africa Magic, but it’s all some people should stick to because they cannot watch a movie without commenting. Whether it’s to exclaim at every action, insult the actors for their actions, or just plain inane talking, they just cannot keep quiet during a movie.

If everyone is talking throughout the entire film, how are we supposed to hear what the actors are saying? 

11. Unsolicited advice and recommendations

People can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to giving advice. So what if their lives are worse than that of the person they’re advising, or that nobody asked? They have bits of advice and they must give them.

12. Driving too close to the car in front

Some people, in a bid to prevent other motorists from switching lanes in front of them, drive like they’re trying to impregnate the car in front.

Tailgating is never a good idea, and it’s often the cause of road rage incidents and accidents. If you’re not sure how close is too close, just remember to keep one car-length between you and the person in front of you for every 10 mph. Yeah; go get your calculator.

The faster you’re going, the more room you should leave.

13. Know-it-alls

No one likes a know-it-all. And quite frankly, one person can’t actually know it all.

Nuff said.

14. Gum cracking/snapping/chewing

It’s understandable why this is one of the most common pet peeves. No one’s saying you shouldn’t chew gum, but you don’t have to blow bubbles and make smacking sounds while you’re at it.

Someone might lose it and make you a smacking sound.

15. The feeling of chalk

Teachers worldwide were overjoyed with the introduction of whiteboard markers, because nobody likes chalk. The feeling of it on your fingers, the stains all over your cloth… and the feeling of accidentally scraping your nails on the chalkboard.

16. Nose picking/spitting

Just… ew.

17. Asking, “So when are you having kids?” soon after marriage

Let’s just stop doing this altogether, shall we? Or how would you feel if I started asking “So, when are you dying?” as you grow old?

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18. Strangers calling you, “Sweetie” or “Honey.” 

Some people find this sweet. Most don’t.

19. Chewing on ice

Why not just save the ice chewing for the comfort of your own home to be extra courteous to strangers?

20. Talking over people

These ones also belong to the same hell as people that interrupt others.

If you have to raise your voice to make your point, then you should probably just wait to talk.


21. Leaving empty containers in the fridge

Imagine reaching for a bowl of ice cream in the freezer, only to find it 99.999% empty. Did you feel like killing someone? That’s because this is another of the universal pet peeves.

Life rule: When you finish a condiment or a container of food, take it out of the fridge.

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22. Staring

There are different cultural rules around staring, but in general, it’s a good idea not to stare at strangers. It’ll probably make them feel pretty uncomfortable.

If you wanna say hi, say hi.

23. Being micromanaged

Whether you manage 10 people or 100, this is never an effective way to get things done. Also, your employees will not like you.

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24. Burping loudly/sneezing without covering your nose

Yeah, we’re all human, but that doesn’t give you the excuse to open your mouth and release a sound like Godzilla with indigestion. Same goes for sneezing without covering your mouth.

At least cover your mouth and say excuse me.

Conclusion on pet peeves

I could go on and on, because these are just a few of the hundreds of universal pet peeves. Sure, some people might not be bothered by some of these, but nine out of ten people will plan your murder because of it before the Holy Spirit touches them.

That being said, how should you deal with your pet peeves and practice self-care in the face of them? Where some people freak out silently, others could choose to address the annoyance head-on and call the offending person out.

There are different ways to get through the issue. Sometimes, taking a moment to calm down can help. If you have no choice but to confront the situation, do so as politely as possible. Try to be mindful of the fact that the person probably isn’t irritating you on purpose — they may not be aware of how you’re affected.

However, your end goal is to be able to move on, regardless of what your pet peeves are.