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Pregnant woman gets the shock of her life as she catches cheating husband at airport with side chick

A pregnant woman was heartbroken when she found out her husband was cheating on her with a side chick.

In the video shared online, she called out her husband for lying and cheating on her.

She opened up about how she caught her husband lying to her that he was travelling to see his grandmother.

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He bought his side chick the same jacket

However, she got a call from a friend who informed her that her husband was travelling with a woman at the airport.

Based on the information, she called her husband via FaceTime but he didn’t answer his phone.

She rushed to the airport only to see him with a lady with the same jacket he got for her and decided to confront them.

She told her woes on TikTok revealing that she was pregnant with his first child.

Netizens were heartbroken by her situation and offered encouraging words to her.

@wayndette014 said: “Don’t confront. Leave. That baby is your concern now and your health is so important. Cry, scream and go somewhere safe. Get it out. File for divorce.”

@fvk101 stated: “Don’t confront go home prep to leave close accounts and move assets where he can’t find them what the heck will confine do.”

@normalupitabeaujolais reacted: “Stay put in your house even if it’s in both names. The photos are his losing assets for adultery. Don’t be intimidated no matter what. Move in silence.”

@veronicam013 noted: “Girl! Let her have what she don’t have! You move on. Thank the heavens now you found out now and not 23 years later. See those red flags and run!”

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Don Jazzy spills secrets about cheating Lagos couples

Meanwhile, music executive, Michael Collins Ajereh aka Don Jazzy, has said that married women are asking him for ‘things’ in his DM.

The famous music producer made this known during a podcast show called “The honest bunch”, anchored by on-air personality, Nedu and a few others.

The subject of discussion was “Marriage: A poverty Alleviation Scheme”, and all participants had some sauce to spill