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Top 20 Shocked Meme (Origin, Evolution, Cultural Significance)

A “shocked meme” typically refers to an image or GIF that captures a person or character expressing a strong sense of surprise, disbelief, or shock.

shocked meme
Shocked Meme

These memes are often used in online discussions or social media to convey a reaction of astonishment or disbelief to a particular situation or statement.

One popular example of a shocked meme is the “Surprised Pikachu” meme. It features an image of the Pokémon character Pikachu with a wide-eyed and open-mouthed expression of astonishment. This meme is commonly used to express humorous surprise or disbelief in response to something unexpected or ironic.

Another well-known shocked meme is the “What?! Blank Stare” meme. It typically features a still image or GIF of a person looking stunned with their mouth wide open and eyes widened. This meme is often used to convey an exaggerated sense of shock or disbelief in a comical way.

Shocked memes are just one of the many types of memes that have emerged in internet culture, and their popularity often varies over time as new memes arise and gain traction. Where do you think this type of meme originated from?


Origin of Shocked Meme

Shocked meme
Origin of Shocked Meme

The origin of the “shocked meme” can be traced back to the early days of internet culture and the emergence of image macros, which are images or pictures with humorous captions overlaid on them. These image macros, often referred to as memes, became popular on various internet forums and image-sharing platforms.

One of the earliest and most iconic shocked memes is the “Surprised Patrick” meme, which originates from the popular animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants. The meme features a still image of the character Patrick Star with a wide-eyed expression of surprise. It gained significant popularity around 2011 and quickly spread across various online communities, particularly on websites like 4chan and Reddit.

Another notable shocked meme is the “Surprised Pikachu” meme, which originated from a scene in the Pokémon animated series. The meme features an image of Pikachu wearing a shocked expression, with its mouth open and cheeks puffed.

This meme gained widespread popularity in 2018 when it became associated with expressing mock surprise or incredulity in response to unexpected or ironic situations.

The shocked meme format has evolved over time, with various characters and images being used to convey expressions of shock or disbelief. These memes often spread rapidly through social media platforms, image-sharing websites, and online communities, leading to their widespread usage and adaptation.

It’s important to note that the origin and popularity of specific shocked memes can vary, as internet culture constantly evolves and new memes emerge. However, the common theme of using images or GIFs to capture a sense of astonishment or shock remains consistent across these memes.


Evolution of Shocked Meme

Evolution of shocked Meme

The evolution of the shocked meme has been closely intertwined with the dynamic nature of internet culture and the ever-changing landscape of online humour. As memes continue to evolve and adapt, so does the shocked meme format, incorporating new characters, images, and creative variations. Here are some notable trends in the evolution of shocked memes:

1. Expanding Character Pool

While the early shocked memes primarily featured characters from animated TV shows like SpongeBob SquarePants or Pokémon, the character pool has expanded significantly over time.

Memes featuring characters from movies, video games, and other forms of media have become popular. This expansion has allowed for a wider range of expressions and reactions to be captured in shocked memes.

2. Customization and Remixing

As meme creation tools and image editing software have become more accessible, users have increasingly personalized shocked memes by adding captions, altering facial expressions, or combining multiple meme formats.

This customization and remixing have allowed for greater creativity and flexibility in conveying different levels of shock or incorporating specific cultural references.

3. Reaction GIFs

Shocked memes have evolved beyond static images and expanded into the realm of animated reaction GIFs. GIFs provide a more dynamic and nuanced way of expressing shock, as they can capture a sequence of facial expressions or reactions.

These reaction GIFs are often used in response to online discussions, reflecting a person’s genuine surprise or disbelief.

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4. Meta Memes and Subversions

shocked meme
Jackie Chan Shocked Meme

Internet culture has a tendency to self-reference and subvert existing memes, and the shocked meme format is no exception. Meta memes, such as memes that parody or reference other memes, have emerged.

These meta-shocked memes often play with expectations by presenting a character or situation that seems predictable but then subverts the viewer’s expectations with a twist or unexpected element.

5. Integration with Emojis and Stickers

With the rise of messaging apps and social media platforms, shocked memes have found new avenues for expression. Emojis and sticker packs inspired by shocked memes have become popular, allowing users to convey their surprise or disbelief in a quick and visual manner in private conversations or public posts.


6. Context-Specific Variations

Shocked memes have also evolved in response to specific events, trends, or cultural references. They adapt to reflect current events or capitalize on viral moments, further emphasizing the dynamic nature of internet humour.

These context-specific variations often increase the relatability and relevance of shocked memes within specific online communities or subcultures.

The evolution of shocked memes showcases the ongoing creativity and adaptability of internet culture while still capturing the essence of surprise, disbelief, and humour.

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Cultural Significance of Shocked Meme

The shocked meme holds cultural significance as a form of online communication and expression. It has become an integral part of Internet culture and a shared language among Internet users. Here are some aspects of its cultural significance:

1. Emotional Expression

Socked Meme
Miles Morales Shocked Meme

The shocked meme provides a visual and often exaggerated representation of emotions such as surprise, disbelief, shock, or astonishment.

In an era where a significant portion of communication occurs online, these memes serve as a way to convey complex emotions in a concise and relatable manner. They add humour and levity to discussions while capturing the intensity of certain reactions.

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2. Shared Reactions

Shocked memes create a sense of community and shared experience. When a shocking or unexpected event occurs, using a shocked meme allows individuals to express their reactions and find solidarity with others who feel the same way.

It creates a shared language that helps internet users connect and bond over common experiences or sentiments.

3. Memetic Symbolism

The shocked meme serves as a cultural symbol, instantly recognizable to internet users. It has entered the mainstream consciousness, with many memes becoming widely recognized outside of online communities. The ability to reference and understand these memes can foster a sense of belonging and cultural literacy among internet users.

4. Humour and Satire

The shocked meme often utilizes humour and satire to comment on various aspects of society, current events, or pop culture. It can be employed to highlight irony, absurdity, or unexpected outcomes in a comical way.

By using shock and surprise as comedic tools, these memes engage in social commentary and allow individuals to express their opinions or observations in a lighthearted manner.

5. Evolution of Online Language

The shocked meme, along with other meme formats, has contributed to the development of a distinct online language and visual vocabulary.

It has influenced the way people communicate, fostering the use of visual cues, humour, and shared references in online interactions. As memes continue to evolve, they shape and reflect the ever-changing nature of internet culture and its impact on broader societal communication.

The shocked meme has shaped the way people communicate online, created a sense of community, and offered a unique form of expression and commentary on various aspects of society.


Top 20 Shocked Memes

Here is a list of 20 iconic shocked memes along with brief explanations:

1. Surprised Patrick

Surprised Patrick

Featuring the character Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants with a wide-eyed expression of surprise. It’s often used to convey disbelief or astonishment.

2. Surprised Pikachu

surprised meme
Surprised Pikachu

Depicts the Pokémon character Pikachu with an open-mouthed, shocked expression. It’s commonly used to express humorous surprise or mock disbelief.


3. What?! Blank Stare

What?! Blank Stare

Shows a person with their mouth wide open and eyes widened in disbelief. This meme is often used to convey an exaggerated sense of shock or astonishment.

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4. Blinking White Guy Shocked Meme

Blinking White Guy Shocked Meme

Features a GIF of Drew Scanlon from a video where he blinks in surprise. It’s often used to express incredulity or confusion.

5. Jackie Chan WTF Shocked Meme

Jackie Chan WTF Shocked Meme

Shows Jackie Chan with an astonished expression. This meme is used to convey shock, confusion, or disbelief in a humorous manner.

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6. Expanding Brain

Expanding brain meme

The multi-panel meme shows a brain expanding with each panel, with the final panel representing an extreme or absurd idea. It’s used to humorously illustrate the escalation of thoughts or concepts.

7. Disaster Girl

Disaster Girl Meme

Depicts a young girl smirking in front of a burning house. This meme is often used to convey a mischievous or dark sense of humour in response to calamities or ironic situations.

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8. Distracted Boyfriend

Shocked meme
Disloyal man with his girlfriend looking at another girl

Shows a man looking at another woman while his girlfriend looks on disapprovingly. It’s commonly used to represent situations involving infidelity or distraction.

9. Drake “No” and “Yes”

Drake “No” and “Yes”

A two-panel meme featuring rapper Drake shaking his head “no” in the first panel and nodding “yes” in the second. It’s used to depict a comparison between something undesirable and something appealing.

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10. Confused Travolta

Distracted boyfriend

Features John Travolta looking around with a confused expression. It’s often used to convey confusion or disorientation.

11. Mind Blown

Mind Blown

Shows an explosion with the person’s mind or skull being blown away. This meme is used to represent being amazed or astounded by something.

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12. Futurama Fry

Shocked meme

Depicts the character Fry from Futurama squinting skeptically. It’s often used to convey suspicion or doubt.

13. Michael Jordan Crying Face

Michael Jordan Crying Face

Features an emotional Michael Jordan shedding tears during his Hall of Fame induction speech. This meme is used to represent exaggerated sadness or disappointment.

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14. Oprah You Get a Car

Oprah you get a Car

This refers to a scene from The Oprah Winfrey Show where Oprah surprises her audience by giving them all cars. It’s used to depict a moment of extreme generosity or abundance.

15. Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man

Spider-man pointing at Spider-man

Depicts two Spider-Man characters pointing at each other. It’s often used to represent a situation of surprise or confusion when two similar things are involved.

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16. Drake Hotline Bling

Drake Hotline Bling

Shows Drake in a video where he dances in a colorful setting. It’s used to convey embarrassment, awkwardness, or feeling exposed.

17. Hide the Pain Harold

Hide the pain Harold

Features a stock photo of a man with a forced smile. It’s often used to represent hiding inner pain or discomfort behind a cheerful facade.

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18. Pikachu Face

Pikachu Face

Depicts Pikachu with a shocked facial expression and squinted eyes. It’s used to express astonishment or disbelief in response to a surprising situation.

19. Picard Facepalm

Picard Facepalm

Shows Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek facepalming in frustration or exasperation. It’s used to convey a sense of disappointment or disbelief.

20. Leonardo DiCaprio Cheers

Shocked meme
Leonardo DiCaprio Cheers meme

Depicts Leonardo DiCaprio raising a glass and smiling. It’s used to celebrate a moment of success or triumph.




How To Make a Shocked Meme

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a shocked meme:

1. Choose the Template

Select a meme template that features a character or image with a shocked or surprised expression. Some popular templates include Surprised Patrick, Surprised Pikachu, or What?! Blank Stare. You can find these templates by searching for them online or using meme generator websites.

2. Find the Image or GIF

Locate a suitable image or GIF that matches the template you’ve chosen. You can search for relevant images on stock photo websites or use GIF repositories. Ensure that the image or GIF accurately captures the desired expression of shock or surprise.

3. Add Captions or Text

Use an image editing software or online meme generator to add captions or text to the image. Consider using bold and eye-catching fonts that complement the tone of the meme. The captions should enhance the humour or convey the desired message associated with the shock or surprise.

4. Customize the Meme

Personalize the meme by making any necessary adjustments or modifications. You can resize or crop the image to focus on specific details, adjust the colours or contrast, or overlay additional elements to enhance the visual impact. Customization adds a unique touch to your meme and can make it stand out.

5. Consider Context

Think about the context in which you plan to use the meme. If it’s related to a specific event or conversation, consider adding text or references that align with that context. This helps make the meme more relatable and enhances its impact.

6. Share and Spread

Once you have created your shocked meme, save it in a suitable format (such as JPEG or GIF) and share it on social media platforms, meme-sharing communities, or in relevant online discussions. Consider using appropriate hashtags or captions to increase its visibility and encourage others to share it.

Remember to respect copyright and intellectual property rights when creating memes. If you’re using images or GIFs created by others, make sure to give credit where necessary.



Experiment, be creative, and have fun with your shocked meme creation process. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at crafting memes that effectively convey surprise, shock, or disbelief in an entertaining and relatable way.

FAQs About Shocked Memes

What is the “shocked meme”?

The “shocked meme” is a popular online meme that features a picture or GIF of a person exhibiting surprise or shock. The meme is frequently used in online interactions to express surprise, incredulity, or shock.

Where did the “shocked meme” originate?

Memes’ origins can be difficult to identify because they propagate quickly throughout the internet. One of the most well-known horrified memes, however, includes actor John Travolta from the 2014 Academy Awards. Travolta’s surprised expression is superimposed on various images or GIFs in the meme to produce amusing reactions.

How is the “shocked meme” typically used?

The surprised meme is frequently used online in response to surprising or unexpected occurrences. It can be used to show surprise, disbelief, confusion, or humor. To express their reaction to something unexpected, people frequently post or caption the meme in online chats, social media comments, or messaging systems.

Are there variations or different versions of the “shocked meme”?

Yes, there are numerous copies and variations of the surprised meme involving various people or characters. Memes using astonished expressionsCan I create my own “shocked meme”? of other celebrities, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, or cartoon characters, such as SpongeBob SquarePants, have also gained popularity.

Can I create my own “shocked meme”?

Absolutely! Memes are frequently generated and shared by users. If you find an image or GIF that you believe might work well as a surprised meme, you may add captions, resize or crop the image, and make your own personalized version of the meme using meme-making tools or image editing software.

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