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20 Popular Nigerian Male Names with Meanings

Your name will basically define you. But let’s be honest: Nigerian parents give the funniest names to their children, whether male or female. You will discover some popular Nigerian male names in this article.

Names could be given based on the time you were born, the place you were born, or your family history. The situation surrounding your birth, your physical appearance, and much more also play an important role in your given name. 

Names like Majekodunmi, Newness, or Gracious-Favour… oh, yes, better believe it. Remember this guy?

The Legendary Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas
The Legendary Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas

You just have to give it to Nigerian parents for being creative. Because there are people with those kinds of names that make you go…

Pawpaw meme

Boys have some really beautiful names, and some names are just really popular. Whether English or Traditional, it’s almost like you can’t meet five people without one of them having these names.

Read below for the top popular Nigerian male names.


One popular thing that parents love to do is name their children after people in the Bible. Not all of these parents are ‘spirikoko’, because it’s only an ignoramus that will argue that the Bible doesn’t have some dope names. However, the funny thing about these names is that some parents choose them without knowing their meaning.

Imagine naming a child Nebuchadnezzar and that poor boy carrying it for the rest of his life. Or having three boys and calling them Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Is that not wickedness?

Here are popular biblical names given to Nigerian boys:


This name comes from a Hebrew phrase and means “Who is like God?”. It can also mean “there is none like God” or ‘there is none as famous as God‘. It is the name of an archangel and God’s most fearsome warrior.

Aside from Nigeria, this popular Nigerian male name is also given to thousands across the world. Females can also bear the name “Michael” but are called “Michelle.”


Yes, the great man of the bible. The man who, despite his numerous sins, still maintained his spot as “a man after God’s heart”. This life is truly not balanced.

David means “beloved or favorite” and comes from the Hebrew word “Dawid”.


This ought to be the first on the list. The great name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Who doesn’t want to be named after the man who saved the world from eternal damnation? Emmanuel is an extremely popular Nigerian male name and means ‘God with us.”


Joseph was a favoured man in the Bible who followed everything that God had planned for his life. This name means addition or increase. No wonder God blessed Egypt and everyone around Joseph; his name speaks power!


The lion tamer himself. This Hebrew name is very popular among boys. It means God is my judge.


This name comes first due to its popularity. Asides from being popular, though, Femis have a notorious reputation for spearheading the Yoruba demons movement and causing heartache left and right.

Well, I guess when your name means “The Lord loves me”, you’re bound to misbehave a little. So, if I were you, I’d watch out for any Femi that comes my way. 


These ones go by “Abbey” and rarely by their full name. Meaning “We gave birth to a child in the festive period”, Abiodun is a unis3x name for people born during Christmas

Taiwo and Kehinde

These popular Nigerian male names are a package deal given to Yoruba twin babies.

Taiwo is short for “To aye wo”, meaning “taste/get a feel of what the life is like” and is given to the first of the twins. Kehinde means “the one who comes behind”.


Yes, Ayo, Ayo, Ayo. Another Yoruba demon that you ought to be aware of. Ayo means “joy or happiness.” Full names like Ayomide, Ayodele, Ayomikun, and Ayodeji come from this popular Nigerian male name. 


The name “Tobi” is very powerful. Some people say that it is Hebrew, but this variation, Oluwatobiloba, is Yoruba. It simply means that God is very powerful or God is good. 

Most Yoruba men carry this name as either a first or a middle name. Some people say if you have this name, you have a pioneering spirit and are a natural-born leader. 

If you’re a girl, please watch out for the boy named Tobi. They are also not far off from Femis and Ayos and form The Breakfast Trinity.

Just saying. 

Ibo kwenu! Ibo kwenu! Menu! Venue!

The thing about Igbos is that they often have names like “Chi” in their names. This means God, and it makes the names sound powerful. 


This Igbo-given name could also be a last name. It means “No one knows tomorrow” and is a homage to God that only He knows tomorrow. 

There are lots of notable persons with this name, making it one of the most popular Nigerian male names.


This means the “glory and greatness of God”. It could be unis3x, and spawn various names like Chidiebube, Oluebube, Ebubechi and so much more.


This popular Igbo name can also be shortened to Chike and it means “Give praise to God”. It is often used as a surname too.


This popular Igbo name means “The power of God”. Most of the time, people shorten it to Ike’ or ‘Ikechi’. But whatever it is, it is very attractive.


When you hear this name, what comes to your mind? I bet it’s the Nigerian singer, Osinachi Nwachukwu or Davido’s song.  

This powerful name is gender-neutral and means “From God.”

Okay, I think if there’s anything we can all agree on, it’s that Hausa names are very attractive. And most times, the owners are so handsome. 


This name is not just Nigerian but also hails from Persia or the Hindus. In Persian, it means beauty, perfection, excellence, or completion.

For the Hausas, though, it’s in Arabic. It means “a boy flawless in your eyes”. 


This is a male-given Arabic name that means “God’s servant”. It can also be spelled as Abdollahi or Abdillaji. This name is common in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Ethiopia. 


This is purely a West African name. The meaning of Dauda cannot be described by mere words. If you have this name, be sure that you are wealthy, effective, and trustworthy. 


Many Hausa men have this as a first, middle, or last name. This name is an equivalent of the biblical name “Moses”. It also means to be drawn from water.


Have you noticed that all Harunas are fine and have a certain amount of charm in them? In Japan, this is a woman’s name and it means spring flower. This is not far from the Nigerian meaning, which is “springtime vegetable”.

Imagine your parents naming you after a vegetable. However, here, it truly doesn’t matter. 

Popular Nigerian Male Names: Worthy Mentions from Other Tribes


Nosa means “God’s will.” Although it is a male name, it can sometimes be unis3x. It pays homage to God as the supreme being.


Osa is a very popular name for Benin people. It means ‘God owns the world’. Other names that have the prefix “osa” include Osahar, Osaka, Osayaba.


Often shortened to just “Tega”, this is an Urhobo name that means “God is worthy to be worshipped”.


This popular Benin name is often used as a surname. It means “the king’s influence goes”.


Idahosa is a Benin name and means “I listen to God.” However, imagine naming your kid Idahosa and he joins cult. Wahalur.

Other popular Nigerian male names include Wale, Isaac, Tayo, Ola, Ebuka, Daniel and so much more. And apart from these, there are those that… well, let’s just say if people could easily change their names, they would.


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