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University graduate heartbroken as final year project ends up in trash

  • A Nigerian University student shared how he finished his final project for school and handed it in, but later, it turned up in the trash.
  • He received a call from a friend who was still enrolled at the same university to inform him of the upsetting finding.
  • Praise Akinlami, the man behind the project, felt really upset because he had invested a ton of money into creating that research work, and it was carelessly tossed away.

A Nigerian university graduate, Praise Akinlami, shared a heartbreaking story on TikTok.

He revealed that his important final year project ended up in the trash bin.

Praise’s friend stumbled upon several copies of his project discarded there.

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University graduate heartbroken as final year project ends up in trash

He sadly mentioned that this isn’t uncommon in Nigerian universities and other colleges.

Praise expressed his frustration, as he had invested a lot of money and effort into creating the research work that ended up being treated like garbage.

He regrettably revealed that he had begun planning his project when he was a college student, but the university eventually discarded it.

The research papers that students write for their university classes in Nigeria, according to praise, may not be entirely honest.

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Social Media Reaction:

However, several of his TikTok fans countered that universities can’t save project works for eternity. A number of his TikTok fans criticised the scenario.

@CHAIRMAN said: “You want to graduate or not?”

@Iam_deefederal said: “Don’t involve government yet abeg na final year I dey. Make I finish first before I hear say something do something.”

@iamedric1 commented: “The essence of the project is for you to learn or prove what you have learnt. You don’t expect them to hold it forever.”

@celeb asked: “So what are they supposed to do with the project?”

@MARTYNS.CI said: “Always end up in the dumpster after spending so much money. Waste! The most painful part is that they never read it.”

@two-facechefunlimited commented: “Guy I spent 300k for the project plus 80 to soft my lecturer up.”

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