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Plump woman surprises Nigerian boyfriend with heartfelt Shoprite proposal, touches his heart in viral video

  • A Nigerian guy felt really happy when his big girlfriend surprised him with a proposal in a mall.
  • She bravely kneeled down with a ring and asked him to marry her.
  • He couldn’t hold back his tears, and the video of this special moment became a hit online.

A big, wonderful surprise happened at Shoprite mall when a curvy woman made a special marriage proposal to her boyfriend.

The man got all emotional when he saw the lady kneeling with a ring, and he couldn’t hold back his tears in the video that was shared on TikTok.

People pulled out their phones to capture the moment, and folks were shouting ‘say yes’ in the background.


Plump woman surprises Nigerian boyfriend with heartfelt Shoprite proposal

The man didn’t waste a second. He reached out for the ring and helped his plus-size partner to her feet, with everyone cheering.

They left the scene with big smiles, and the video sparked various reactions online.

Social Media Reaction:

Toosweetcwesimorris said: “If what men can do, women can do better was a person. Congratulations to you guys.”

paulisonchibuike said: “That’s actually the right way though. Man don’t knee to a woman , woman do.”

X X GRACE said: “Congratulations but how will you be able to handle this consignment for the rest of your life. Nwoke na Ife.”

Ennywealth said: “Be like say the guy no go get choice ni o. “When a woman is taking your responsibility.”

Rachel’s bea said: “Tomorrow am doing the same, coz if we keep waiting for this guys to propose they go take 5 yrs ooo.”

Ifedimma said: “If we should adapt this courage, single ladies will reduce.”

eze uchenna said: “Aya , l fill ur pain my brother,u will make a good wife to her.”

Watch video Here:


And he said Yes; and shed tears of joy… Congratulations are in order #cynthiaossy

♬ My Baby (feat. Chike) – Diamond Platnumz

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