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Yahoo update: Nigerian boys clone Alexandra Daddario’s face

Using deep fake technology, a collective of tech-savvy Nigerian boys have taken the cyber crime known as ‘Yahoo’ to another level.

The unidentified boys skillfully utilized artificial intelligence to create a remarkably realistic image of Alexandra Daddario, a Hollywood actress.

By imitating Daddario’s distinct features and physical attributes, these young individuals successfully employed AI to accomplish their task.

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EFCC watching

Within the video footage, a group of individuals were observed inside a room, where a laptop screen prominently showcased the face of the actress. However, the face displayed on the laptop did not actually belong to her.

As one of the guys activated the camera and positioned himself in front of the laptop, instead of his own face, the screen presented Alexandra Daddario’s visage.

While the genuine faces of the other individuals appeared as expected, one person who directly faced the laptop camera revealed that he was replicating the exact actions performed by the woman on the television. This cleverly created the impression for any listeners that he was, in fact, the actress herself.

Netizens were wowed, especially those into cybercrime. See some of their reactions:

@ortezvibe: “This is more than one app, this is the obs studio powered by unreal engine visual Ai, using Augmented Reality, you need a strong pc to do this”

@maffick_: “Legit but boss, this kind update should have been in a private group, this is too much to be public, don’t you think?

@tenorgraphicx: “knew this long time buh I dnt do scamming”

@hnl4real2: “u guys don’t know whats happening. the trick is created by the US cyber police. is simply a bait.”

@djosas1: “Why can’t you open a group telegram for all this, for u showing it here is not good because the whole world is watching it”

@ezerea7: “Efcc watching”

@peterchidipy: “Forget don’t get me wrong Nigerias are very smart”

@sult_cj: “on the flip side, these softwares and apps submit your face and location to the FBI. continue.”

@zarx.cc: “that’s Alexandra Danddario an actress who will believe it”

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Nigerian yahoo boys dey learn – Korra Obidi

In another story, Korra Obidi, a popular Nigerian dancer living abroad, described her ordeal at the hands of Mexican con artists.

The mother of two, who was in Mexico performing at some shows, went live on her Facebook page to reveal that fraudsters stole her debit card information and used it to make multiple purchases.

She explained that she went to a restaurant in Mexico and paid with her credit card for a glass of margarita. Soon after, she received seven debit alerts from her bank account in quick succession.