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Go gym, you no gree – 5 people struggle to wear plus-size bride wedding gown

  • A plus-size bride struggled to put on her wedding dress and had to be assisted by 5 people.
  • All five people had to put in the effort to wear her dress and had to throw a paper bag over her head to speed things up.
  • In the end, netizens were happy for her as she tied the knot with her beau.

The behind-the-scenes battle of a plus size bride to fit into her wedding dress recently surfaced on camera. 

According to Okobioko, the Facebook page that posted the video, the bride had to go through a lot to wear her wedding dress. 

In the video, five people worked together to dress the bride but had trouble. To speed things up, a paper bag was slung over the bride’s head as they went along. 

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When the bride finally put on her wedding dress, the people began to tighten it while she maintained her composure. 

The bride danced with the husband at the very end of the clip, looking stunning in her attire. 

Plus size bride: As long as they are happy

Netizens were happy for the bride at the end of the day as she smiled to her ears in the final parts of the video.

Diarah Sesay said: “At the end of the day it was worthwhile because her smile make it all awe and magical congratulations God bless your wedding.” 

Henry Merry said: “I always told myself that my wedding gown will be ball luxury gown ..when the time came..I went for to fit the gown a day to my wedding..omoh the stress of wearing it,the heaviness..it was dragging me down..na once I change am..I told the lady to give me a lighter one .I don’t like stress abeg.” 

Oluwadamilola Samuel said: “God I beg o, I’m 60kg at 25 and I’m still looking for a way to lose weight to get a man. God of favor locate me too.” 

Sylvia Imasuen said: “I don’t know how some people will open their mouths and comment rubbish on this perfect wedding dress “This couple is a very perfect combination. “Congratulations to them sending love from Edo state.” 

Catherine Terseer Amase said: “I no understand,her real size no dey mkt abi na suffer she just wan suffer? This kind body na to sew your own wedding gown nahh anh anh.” 

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Resilient bride danced unyielding amidst flood at her wedding, touching hearts

Meanwhile, a resilient bride danced unyielding amidst flood at her wedding, touching the hearts of the audience.

heartwarming video circulating on the internet captured the bride’s exuberant dance in the midst of a flood during her wedding, following a sudden downpour.

The wedding was originally intended to be a traditional celebration with the presence of the bride, groom, and numerous guests.