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50 Fun and Easy Drawing Ideas to Help you Beat Boredom

Drawing can be a fun and creative way to spend your time, whether you are an experienced artist or just starting. Read on to find out 50 easy things to draw to relieve your stress.

Easy Things to Draw
Easy Things to Draw

In case you are wondering, This is a great way to relieve yourself from the stress of the day or an easy escape from boredom. Whatever your reasons for sketching, you need to allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of creating something beautiful.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new ideas. Not to worry, we’ve outlined 50 simple things you can draw for inspiration.

These ideas are perfect for beginners or anyone who needs some inspiration for the next project. Here is a list of 50 easy things to draw for anyone who needs inspiration.


50 Easy Things to Draw When you are Bored

From simple game characters to buildings to flowers and animals, you can practice your skills and add these to your creative album. Here We’ve listed 50 easy things to draw with step-by-step tutorials that show you exactly how. 

Gather your brushes, guys, and let’s have some fun.


Flowers are very easy to draw, especially roses or sunflowers. This is a simple DIY craft you can try right now. Sometimes I sketch a little circle and enclose it with a triangle-like shape (which serves as the petals)  until everything is covered. Give it a try. It is so simple and easy to make, and the result is super duper.


Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a tree
a tree

Draw a forest with tall trees or a lone tree standing in a field. Yes, it doesn’t have to be a complex one.

You can achieve this by joining two vertical lines, making sure there is a good distance between them. Then connect at the top and make a big circle with some beautiful shades. 


This is another fun and easy thing to sketch when bored or just trying out your skills. One way I practice this is first to sketch a little circle, then connect them to a bigger oval shape, which serves as the body. Next, I  add the legs and then a tail. You see, very simple! 

Bird or Squirrel:

Draw your favourite animal or creatures like birds, squirrels, and rabbits. Try to sketch a bird. It’s one easy thing to sketch.


Black and White Sketch of a Car
Black and White Sketch of a Car

Practice your perspective and skills by sketching your dream car. Trust me, you’ll love the feeling. 



Draw your favourite foods like pizza, doughnuts, ice cream, or other snacks.


Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a face
A face

Sketch different facial expressions, caricatures, or portraits.

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Pencil Sketch of Buildings
Pencil Sketch of Buildings

sketch the buildings of your hometown and famous landmarks, or create your house design.


Easy Things To Draw When You Are Bored
a balloon

Another simple thing to sketch when you are bored is a balloon. Practice different sizes of balloons and add colour too. This is very cool if you try it out with your kids.

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Coloured Sketch of Space
Coloured Sketch of Space

Create a galaxy or sketch the planets in our solar system.

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Ocean life: 

Easy Things To Draw For Beginners
ocean life

sketch sea creatures like fish, whales, and sharks.


Sponge Bob cartoon

Yeah, cartoons are among the easy things to draw when you’re stressed or just wanna strengthen your sketching skills. Sketch your favourite cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or Tom and Jerry.

Household objects

Try sketching everyday items like a lamp, cup, or clock. 


Cool Easy Things to Draw
a ghost

You can create a beautiful storyline with your paintings and add a ghost here or there to create a chill.

Beach scenes: 

The beach sounds fun and offers pretty great features that are very easy to sketch, from seagulls to shells to boats and even the ocean. They are easy things you can try out for fun.


mushrooms are cute and one of the cool things to draw when you feel stressed. 


Easy Things to Draw sketch
a rainbow

Here is my favourite sketch, a rainbow is so much fun and easy too. I love the colourful dimensions.  You can try this with some drops of rain. Just be creative.



Practice your imagination by sketching different types of dinosaurs.


Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a butterfly
a butterfly

Draw a butterfly in a garden, experiment with different colours, and expand your creativity.

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Wild Animals:

Sketch the different types of wildlife, like lions, tigers, and bears.


Easy Things To Draw For Beginners

Here is a quick and adorable cloud sketch tip. If you have coloured pencils or any painting aid, you can make a rainbow gradient.

Draw a Ball:

You can sketch different sizes and types of a ball. Add colours. It’s a beautiful way to grow your creativity. 


Cute Easy Things to Draw
A toy

Another cute easy thing to draw us is a play toy. You can draw a teddy bear, Barbie, or popular toys like Legos or Playmobil.

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Sketch different modes of transportation like a plane, helicopter, or boat.

Still life: 

Still life
Still sketch

Make a still life by arranging fruits, flowers, and household objects on a table.

Beach Scenes: 

beach scene with palm trees, umbrellas, and seagulls are beautiful art to consider too



You can try out mythical creatures, such as a dragon or unicorn.

Sun, Moon, and Stars:

This beautiful picture will inspire your creativity. You can add some cartoon characters to make this look more fun.


Here is another fun and easy thing to draw when you are bored. Try out different emojis like happy, mad, and laughing faces.

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Fantasy Creatures: 

Easy Things to Draw: you can draw fantasy creatures
fantasy creature

Here is another: different types of fantasy creatures like a centaur, mermaid, or fairy.



Create your spacecraft or sketch famous spacecraft, like the Apollo or Space Shuttle.

Draw different fruits:

Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a fruit
a fruit

You can make a simple sketch of different fruits altogether, from pearls to plums to oranges to apples to bananas. Just make sure you have fun.


Pattern Sketch

 Try out different patterns like polka dots, stripes, or zig-zag lines in a regular manner, and you’ll be surprised what beauty you’ll create.

Draw a waterfall. 

Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a waterfall
a waterfall

You don’t have to create this from your head but feel free to do so and build your imagination. You can replicate a picture or nature. The goal is to strengthen your craft.


Draw a robot

Robots are another fun, easy thing to draw. Go ahead and sketch different types of robots and machines. You can create your Robot in a drawing. That’s also a fun concept to try. 


Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a flags
a flag

If you are looking for simple easy things to draw, Drawing different flags of different countries or states is another great idea. This will strengthen your knowledge about other countries while helping you rest from the stress of the day.

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You could also try out different kinds of vehicles, from bicycles to buses or trains, and don’t forget to paint them. Painting adds life to your drawings.


If your Kids are bored, asking them Draw their favourite superhero is going to be exhilarating for them. sketching a superhero that is unique and special to them is going to be so mjch fun than you ever imagined.

Fantasy landscapes:

 Create a landscape from your imagination, such as a forest, mountain, or island.

Musical instruments

Musical Instruments - Easy Things To draw When Bored
Musical Instruments

Another beautiful thing to try is different instruments like a guitar or drum set.


Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a bridges
a bridge

Draw different kinds of bridges like suspension bridges, drawbridges, or stone bridges. These should be an easy thing to draw for beginners.

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Underwater creatures
Underwater creatures

Make sure you try this one – different kinds of underwater creatures, like dolphins, sharks, or octopuses.

Practice Basic Shapes : 

Easy Things to Draw: you can draw shapes

Here is another simple thing you can draw to ease stress: simple shapes. You can even trace your shapes and make a frame of them.



Draw famous buildings like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty, or even the White House. 


Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a clock
a clock

Draw different kinds of clocks or sundials. This should also be an easy task for beginners

Draw Traveling Bags:

Travelling bags sketch
Sketch of Travelling Bags

You can even create something entirely different, from a box to a backpack, whichever one you desire.

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Draw Smokey Eyes:

Easy Things to Draw: you can draw a smokey eyes
Easy Things to Draw: you can draw smokey eyes

Nothing special. Just replicate your eyes on the paper with some special features like lash extensions and some paints.

Draw a Puppy:

Sketch of a Puppy
Sketch of a puppy

Here is a simple little puppy drawing to doodle quickly. It’s fine to add some paintings, too. Just get a little creative.

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Draw different kinds of dresses, from gowns to casual dresses.  I always emphasize using paints. Painting has a beautiful way of highlighting the features of your drawings. 


This is a very easy sketch to draw. A pretty panda drawing on your sketchbook won’t hurt at all. 


FAQs On Easy Things To Draw

What is the easiest thing to draw?

The list is endless, but here are some things you can draw easily,

What can I draw today easily?

Draw a flower or a fish. These are very easy to draw.

These should be very easy for your kids to try out;

Baby Groot
A Minion
A Cat
A Butterfly
A Boat
A Rainbow

What to draw if I’m bored?

When you are bored, you can try drawing these;
Draw a flower.
Sketch a fantasy creature.
Practice basic shapes
Sketch a spaceship
Doodle a cool animal.
Draw a cartoon
Draw a puppy

Everyone has their unique drawing style, and there are no limitations to where your imagination can take you. With this list of 50 easy things to draw, you are sure to find inspiration to try something new and improve your drawing skills. 

So take out your drawing pad, pencils, or digital art devices, and start creating. Just remember to have fun with your drawings!

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