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They took his best years: Black man spends 34 years in prison for a crime he did not commit

Trending on Twitter are photos and videos of a black American, Sidney Holmes, who spent 34 years in prison.

Authorities wrongly accused Sidney of a crime in Florida, leading to a 400-year prison sentence.

Later, thorough investigation proved his innocence.

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Arrested in October 1988, sentenced to 400 years in prison

Police arrested Sidney for his alleged involvement in an armed robbery against a couple. He was later convicted and sentenced to 400 years in prison in April 1989.

The charges were based on the belief that he was the getaway driver for two unidentified robbers.

The judge requested an 825-year prison sentence, surprising everyone at the time. Attorney Harold F conducted a thorough reinvestigation of the October 1988 incident.

Although Sidney had pleaded guilty in 1988, in 2020, he contacted the State Attorney’s Conviction Review Unit (CRU). He narrated the whole truth and investigations proved he was innocent and there was a misunderstanding.

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Hushpuppi sentenced to 11 yrs in US federal prison

In another news, Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo disclosed the jail term the US government gave alleged fraudster Ramos Abbas Igbalode, popularly called Hushpuppi.

While the United States District Court was yet to confirm Hushpuppi’s sentence as slated for November 3, the investigative reporter gave her anupdate.

She posted this on her Twitter page, announcing that Hushpuppi was to serve his 11 years sentence in a United States federal prison.