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Chemistry lecturer stuck at complicated chemical equation, students laugh

  • Some undergraduates couldn’t help but chuckle at a lecturer who struggled to answer a complicated chemical l equation written on the board.
  • The instructor merely remained there, staring at the board, as if he had forgotten a stage in the process of answering the chemistry question.
  • TikTok viewers responded to the video by stating that chemistry was tough and that the lecturer could not be held responsible.

A lecturer was attempting to complete a complicated chemical equation on the board for his students but was unable to. 

A video that was uploaded to TikTok by @asemboz_254 depicted the moment the man stopped and was unable to resume the exercise.

He continued to stare at the board in an effort to make sense of what he had written even though it appeared that he had skipped a crucial step. 

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He stood there, trying to decide what to do, while the students in the class chuckled.

People who watched the video and understood the problem the man was trying to solve said it was organic chemistry.

Chemistry lecturer stuck at complicated chemical equation, students laugh

Students laugh at lecturer stuck at complicated chemical equation 

The fact that chemistry is complicated and the lecturer might have forgotten was acknowledged by TikTok users. 

@DCI Masaku said: “Is this aromatic chem?” 

@De-Rabbi Music Official said: “That’s organic chemistry, my friend. We used to have different answers with the lecturer. Yet he was marking is correct.”

@MOHAMED@NCMTC said: “Then I remembered once upon a time we exposed a science teacher at a high school.” 

@Jungonfun said: “As lecturer what will you do in this situation? Ans: Pretend someone has called you, via phone and leave.”

@user7824983829772 said: “Makes me to remember how my lecturer struggled with quantum mechanics one day.”


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