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Children of religious parents are not perfect – Nigerian advises netizens to lower expectations towards preacher’s children

A Nigerian lady shared an unpopular notion that children of religious parents are not perfect and should be treated normally.

In a tweet, she said that such children were not the custodians of the ten commandments and should not be a yardstick for judging holiness.

She added that in as much as their parents were preachers, it was still left to them to tow whatever path they chose.

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Children of religious parents were normal human beings and should not be judged harshly, she added.

Finally she urged that people should lower their expectations of them.

Children of religious parents are not perfect – Nigerian advises netizens

Children of religious parents are not the preachers

She wrote in part: “Children of religious parents aren’t the custodians of the Ten Commandments…-They aren’t perfect, they shouldn’t be your yardstick for judging holiness else, you’ll get the shock of your life.”

The tweet was followed by responses from people who weighed in her opinion that children from religious parents should not be judged harshly.

@mitch_terngu: “This is very difficult from a human perspective.
You would mostly be seen in the light of your foundation.”

@_blackwoman: “But their parents judge other people’s kids the most sis, go to church and see them, ohh why did you allow your daughters wear this sleeveless to church, meanwhile her own daughter didnt even sleep at home.”

@tuneday001: “True, they are humans too but they were tied with the rope of self righteousness and visible holiness from their parents. God called their parents alone but many expectations from them. Hence; they rebel for their freedom or get it through exposure of civilization in institution.”

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Nigerian lady gets dragged on social media for shutting religious father down

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has been dragged on social media for disrespecting her father after kind rebukes for her indecent posts online.

The lady, identified as @_Hydonni on social media, took to Twitter to react to a tweet posted asking people to share conversations they’ve had with their parents.

Reacting to the tweet, she shared how difficult having a conversation with her father can be as a result of his constant criticisms and judgment of her lifestyle.