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Dating Apps in Nigeria

All over the country, a lot of people are looking for love, and dating apps is the best way to go. In truth, online dating has grown to be one of the most popular places to meet the other sex. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the best dating apps in Nigeria.

Online dating can take so much of your time, and be upsetting as well. But that is not a reason for you to give up finding your missing rib. Besides, there are a lot of free dating apps in Nigeria that give you an array of choices. With these apps, finding you perfect match for you will be a possibility, for a relatively low cost.

Dating apps in Nigeria give you the chance to meet other Nigerians from anywhere in the country. And chat to begin a relationship. These apps are mostly useful to find a partner that can take you to the altar.

Dating Apps in Nigeria


Tinder is one of the ancient and most sought-after free dating apps in Nigeria. It lets the users, chat, get along, and date. Tinder is a very good app for a serious relationship, as well as for hooking up with another person. All you have to do is to register, upload your pictures, write a little about yourself on your bio, and choose what you want.

Dating apps in Nigeria

Tinder is recognized big time, because of its high-security network. This keeps the members at ease that they are safe from fraud. Which has become a usual thing on dating sites in Nigeria.

Tinder has over 50 million functioning users of their app across the globe. Tinder holds its position as one of the best dating apps in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world, with that number of users.

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Badoo is an app built on location. It lets you know the people that live close to where you are. You can set up the app to match people based on your wants, location, age, and gender. Badoo gives you room to chat and decide how cute or handsome you are with your photos. In addition, it has the meet’s feature.

Dating Apps in Nigeria

This allows you to swipe through a number of possible partners. It will allow you to decide if it’s a yes or no, to continue the chat. If it is a mutual feeling, a notification will come in for both of you asking to progress with the chat.

Across the world, Badoo has millions of users and is one of the best dating apps in Nigeria. The majority of the people using this app are from Lagos and Abuja. Baddo has over 522 million users all over the world.


Afrointroductions was launched in 2002 and presently holds its own as the biggest dating app in Africa with over 4.5 million users on the continent alone.

This dating app in Nigeria has effectively linked a lot of Nigerians to the love of their life. Rendering is one of the most reliable dating apps in Nigeria and all other countries in Africa.

The app links a whole lot of single people of different genders from all over the country. The afro introduction is a subsidiary of an angel media network. With around 30 trustworthy location dating apps that are totally dedicated to linking single people from all over the country to the “sugar in their tea”.


Meet Nigerians

Meet Nigerians links you up with Nigerians across the country. The dating app sticks out as one of those open dating apps that are mainly for Nigerians, and it is a choice that is popular amongst a lot of Nigerian

Dating apps in nigeria

Nigerians in the diaspora, are able to link and form astounding love affairs with their better half with the use of this app. There is a membership policy on the app that gives Nigerians in the diaspora, a platform to mix with other people. If your interest is to mix with people abroad, this app is a good fit for you.

It is a well-known dating app in Nigeria. Everybody is allowed to be part of it,  as long as you are of legal age and want to meet new people for a serious relationship. Meet Nigerians comes with every feature that will make it worth your while and time, to make a good experience.


Afroromance gives singles in Nigeria a path to link up with other singles and set the ball rolling. To register, you will need to go through a verification process that is demanding. The process that fishes out spiteful people.

It’s a multicultural dating app that paves a path for people of different backgrounds to date. The app focuses on joining singles who want to date people from different backgrounds together. In addition, the app has so many users that are searching for mixed-race partners.

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Khedoo is a recently created free dating app in Nigeria. The app was launched to link Nigerians together with other African people in 2021. Khedoo is a dating app only for Africans, where single people get to meet their partners for relationships and sex. The app has payment plans with friends that are active.

Dating Apps In Nigeria

“Khedoo is a place to begin a relationship. The platform is pretty interesting to link up with new and exciting individuals close to you. You can Swipe right to Like or left to move on to another person brought to you by the app. Khedoo is a meeting place for Africans.

The app will assist you in connecting with other Africans where ever they are. Be it in France, the UK, Cameroon, Tanzania, Brazil, or Australia. In truth anywhere.

Naija Planet

Naija planet is a free dating app for single people to search for their partners. The app was initiated in 2008 and since then, it has become of the best dating apps in Nigeria. You create an account with simple details and then, look for possible partners to chat with.

Dating apps in Nigeria

The website is devised in a modest way that makes it helpful and useful. Naija planet is forward-thinking with its search tasks, immediate messaging, video gallery, chatrooms, message boards, and all other functions. You get to match with your chosen person in accordance with age, location, and sex.


Soul Singles

Soul Singles is a dating app in Nigeria that is accessible to everybody, including people from all African countries. The app helps single people to link up and chat, trade pictures and videos, and also interact with others. Single people from other countries in Africa can chat and create a bond with the help of the app.

Soul Singles is a dating app in Nigeria that is secure and helps singles search for dates and relationships. The app is specifically for Africans, especially Nigerians, and their support system helps you remove spam and fraudulent people.

Staying Safe on Dating Apps

When you talk about dating online in Nigeria, security is very important. With the number of cyber-crime extremely high.  It is vital to tread with caution when you sign up for any Dating app in Nigeria.  A number of regular scams that happen on these apps include bogus profiles, unwanted emails, false matches, and money scams.

To protect yourself from fraud stars, make sure you follow the instructions below: 

  • Do not spill out private details such as your bank details and where you exactly live.
  • Be careful about who you decide to link up with – be sure to verify the identity of such a person by going through their profile or contacting them (via video call)
  • Register with an email account that you purposely opened for this cause 
  • Have it in mind that even though you want it, you should also protect yourself- do not send your money without having a proper verification that the person is real and needs the money. A lot of people have been scammed through online dating apps in Nigeria.
  • Always go with your instincts, if something doesn’t feel right it most likely isn’t right.

FAQs for Dating Apps in Nigeria

Which dating site is free in Nigeria?

Baddo which is free of the most popular dating sites in the world app is always well used in Nigeria. Baddo has been around for years.

Which app is totally free for dating?

OkCupid isn’t just another online dating app. Our free dating app helps you meet singles, connect, chat or have a deep conversation through our one-of-a-kind messaging system.

Which app is for serious dating?

Which free dating site is best for serious relationships? OkCupid, Hinge, or Bumble are all good choices for free dating apps where you’re likely to find people looking for serious relationships

Is Tinder for hookup only?

Since its inception in 2012, Tinder has been known as a hookup ap, but this may be changing. Like Bumble, some users have met spouses or long-term partners on the app, while others use it strictly for casual flings.

How do I pay for Tinder in Nigeria?

Just enter your Tinder registered phone number, select the Tinder subscription you wish to purchase, enter the One-Time Password sent to your registered phone number, complete the payment, and the subscription will immediately reflect on your Tinder account.

Do dating apps really work?

Online dating appears to be a practical way to date for most people. According to the study, roughly 60 percent of participants have had positive experiences with dating platforms.

Is Bumble a hookup or dating?

Bumble is not known as a marketplace for hookups: Less than 4% of men and less than 1% of women on Bumble are looking for a hookup.

There are so many dating apps in Nigeria to find your missing rib, have fun, and create beautiful friendships with people. When you use dating apps, ensure to respect people, care for them, and be true to your intentions.