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Don’t hide under religion to rope anyone into unbearable situations – Nigerian lady advises

  • A Nigerian lady advised netizens not to hide under religion in order to rope anyone into unbearable situations.
  • The lady cited situations where men or women tried to force their partners to stay in a marriage after lying to them.
  • Netizens agreed that any marriage built on lies could be annulled.

A Nigerian lady came out and warned those who cared to listen not to hide under religion.

She said that especially Christains, that they should not hide under religion as the end result would be disastrous.

She also added that it was okay for people to pass through tough times during relationship, but it shouldn’t be because of a lie.

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Talk2veee advised that people should not hide under religion to lure people into deceit.

She wrote: “You hid your child away and claimed he/she is your mother’s last child Keep consoling yourself with “God hates divorce”. Your deceitful ass will be dumped without batting an eyelid God instituted marriage and asked us to support each through tough times but didn’t say we should lure people into it with deceit If life happens after wedding,we can understand that nobody planned for it but vice versa will never be acceptable”

Don’t hide under religion to rope anyone into vunbearable situations

Don’t hide under religion to deceive

Her assertion that marriage should not be based on a lie was openly received by netizen

@Brytendy: “Any marriage based on deceit is not a marriage in the first place. You cannot lie your way into a life long deal. No be only divorce na God hate, God hate lies and deceit too.”

@Johann: “Christian marriages built on deceits aren’t true christian marriages.”

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Nigerian lady gets dragged on social media for shutting religious father down

Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has been dragged on social media for disrespecting her father after kind rebukes for her indecent posts online.

The lady, identified as @_Hydonni on social media, took to Twitter to react to a tweet posted asking people to share conversations they’ve had with their parents.

Reacting to the tweet, she shared how difficult having a conversation with her father can be as a result of his constant criticisms and judgment of her lifestyle.