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Even mama put no go give me food like this: Oluwadolarz confronts delivery man about eating his food

Popular Nigerian comedian, Oluwadolarz publicly challenged a delivery man for allegedly eating part of the food he ordered.

The social media personality, took to his Tiktok page to recount how he confronted the delivery man about eating his meal.

In the video, Oluwadolarz was heard calmly explaining to the delivery man that he suspects the man ate out of his food.

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“Who on earth delivers food like this, even mama put no go give me food like this,” he said after the delivery man vigorously denied eating his Jollof rice.

I say may I chop small as I no get money

After several points from the skit maker, proving his food was tampered with, the delivery man then apologized and confessed that he was hungry and decided to eat his food.

“Bro no vex, I never chop better thing since yesterday and I be ulcer patient. I just say may I chop small as I no get money,” the delivery man confessed.

Oluwadolarz patiently scolded the man affirming that he understands the situation of the country but does not encourage his action.

The comedian sympathized with the delivery man and gave him some money in addition to the plate of food he ate.

The comedian didn’t forget to give the man a strong warning, urging him to put a stop to his such action.

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Young boy shows gratitude and leaves many in tears

Meanwhile, the grateful attitude of a small boy despite his situation left many netizens in tears.

In a video posted on Facebook by @FadaBarto Music, the black young boy received his meal and prayed before he started eating.

What surprised many was the meal he was grateful for was a plate of rice and watery stew.

Adedoyin Adebisi
Adedoyin Adebisi
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