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Teacher makes video of little Nigerian boy drinking garri in food flask, eats it like jollof rice

A teacher shared a video in which one of her students had soaked garri as lunch during break time. 

The boy ate his simple meal without minding who was looking at him. The teacher zoomed in to capture his face on camera.

Someone reacted to the video and asked the teacher @ifunanys, if she bought him a better meal afterwards instead of just making a TikTok clip and she said “yes”. 

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Hope you bought him a better meal

A desk in front of the boy was a girl who made sure her food was not recorded as she covered it with her palm. 

Many other people reacted to the video, sharing that the boy was very content as he ate happily.

Dolly Ava said: “How do you want his family to feel if they see this.” 

Suc Cess001 wrote: “But drinking garri is not bad nah.” 

Stephanie’s commented: “He’s eating what his parents have with so much contentment.” 

itz kwen Diana said: “He dey enjoy dey go u dey video am. Abeg let the boy eat in peace joor.” 

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I want to spend the rest of my life with you — Teacher seizes love letter from JSS1 student

Meanwhile, a secondary school teacher has shared a photo of a love letter written to a girl by a JSS1 student who seems to have fallen in love.

In the handwritten letter, the boy asked his ‘lover’ to be his valentine and also said he wanted to spend forever with her.

Without mincing words, he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

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