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Ghosts on rampage: young man tries to debunk viral ghost stories in popular Lagos market

  • A young Nigerian man visited a market in Lagos armed with his phone in an attempt to debunk the superstition surrounding ghosts being seen there.
  • Determined to prove the skeptics wrong, he took his time out to record his entire experience.
  • Upon sharing the results on social media, his actions sparked a range of reactions, with some individuals making lighthearted jokes about the incident.

A young individual, identified as @Oluwasheffy, went to a specific market located in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos to disprove the superstitious stories about ghosts seen in Lagos.

As @Oluwasheffy visited the market in Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, his intention was to debunk the claims that supernatural entities like ghosts inhabit the marketplace.

He arrived with an open mind, ready to investigate and gather evidence to support his belief that the ghost stories were merely superstitions or misconceptions.

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Photos of ghosts seen in Lagos market

The photographer recently shared his findings on Twitter after bending down and recording what he saw.

According to his tweet, he claimed that his results once again proved that nothing like ghosts exists.

In one of the videos he shared, he filmed various things while trolling those who believe in the existence of ghosts.

This incident occurred shortly after another young man narrated a scary experience he had after bending down in a marketplace in Lagos.

The young man said he, too, did not believe ghosts exist until his encounter.

See his tweet below:

social media reactions

@Psychowizz said: “But did you go to that shop where they sell drums and animal skin though?”

@iam_FirstSamuel said: “Bro, I hope you’re able to live with the traumatic experience for the rest of your life.”

@KingOpeOfAbj said: “Na Bcus you wear white shirt. You no suppose dey do anko with spirit.”

@Olatemtee said: “Na inside garage be this wait till night just stand for that ile epo general or front of eco bank do this same thing.”

@EmperorHajo said: “Maybe our 2pm is different from their own 2pm, they are probably working on AWMT (African Witch Meridian Time).”

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Controversial Nigerian influencer Idris Okuneye Olanrewaju, popularly known as Bobrisky, came out publicly to make bold claims about Lagos boys.

He claimed that the problem he has with guys in Lagos State is that they don’t like to brush their ‘yellow teeth despite their having a good physique. 

Bobrisky made this statement in a post on his official Instagram account which has now been deleted.