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How my iPhone 14 pro max was stolen by my regular customer – Businesswoman

Chantel July, a South African entrepreneur, has accused a customer named Boitumelo of stealing her iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Chantel, the owner of a nail salon, initially thought she had misplaced the phone but later discovered it had been taken by the regular customer.

She took to Twitter to narrate how the incident occurred during a home service request at the customer’s Randburg flat.

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They tried to access my bank accounts

She wrote the story with this caption: “HOW I LOST MY IPHONE 14 pro max AND MY REGULAR CLIENT TOOK IT.”

Here’s her narration:

“On the 31st of May 2023 BOITUMELO C MHLANCA or MHLANGA called me out for a house call and she is a regular client once told her that I only service my regular clients for house calls.

“It was her and her friend BONGI. They stay at Mint Appartment in Randburg greenside. I went there on a Sunday around 3pm, arrived and gave them my service, load shedding happened I had to wait for it to come back. Came back continued, done ✅. I had to leave, she insides to reverse my car because I couldn’t She insisted to reverse my because I couldn’t reverse it from that parking and my phone the 14 pro max was inside my car playing music.

“She then sent me to tell the receptionist to not close the gate . When I ran there,she took out my phone from the car and hide.The footage shows my car it’s the one in a blue/grey the one that’s reversing there. She (boitumelo) she is the one in light pink. I realised that my phone was gone when I got back into the car. I made a turn and quickly ran to her and said; my phone is missing.

“She acted as if she didn’t take it . We tracked it it was showing Around that area where she stayed. But I couldn’t find it. She then mentioned a guy called Mashudu saying he will help me find my phone . It was a scam, this people got access to my phone.

“She told me about Naked insurance, her friend Allan works there , lies , I called naked insurance I asked them they said they don’t have someone called that. By the way I never got paid for my service I provided. She said I should insurance a phone that’s already lost. And said I shouldn’t block or do a sim swap, and said I should wait for 2weeks . She was very manipulative. I did the opposite.

“She asked for my ID number I never gave her only to find out they where able to access my phone go to my banking app and increase my limit. When I was asking for my money , they are busy posting ,Posing with my nails. Difebe tse 💀!

“Yes they increased my banking limits but they couldn’t withdraw anything course I had already blocked my cards. They live this lifestyle through stealing from people. Went back to her place on Tuesday to find out what exactly happened that’s when I saw how she took my phone. I asked to search her apartment she agreed I then asked to search her phone she gave me went to the business account. It was July Nails my business.”

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